Racist Mom Freaks Out and Demands Son Is Only Seen By a 'White Doctor' | 22 Words

Racist Mom Freaks Out and Demands Son Is Only Seen By a ‘White Doctor’

By Abby Heugel

You would think that if your child was sick or in pain, that you would want any qualified person to help them and come to their aid. That is, unless you were a hateful racist, apparently. A woman at a walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada brought her son in because he was complaining of chest pains. But she didn't want just any doctor. She demanded to see a "white doctor" who "doesn't have brown teeth" and "speaks English." In a video posted on YouTube by Hitesh Bhardwaj, who was also in the waiting room, other patients suggested the woman should just go to the hospital, but she dismissed them by saying she came from there and decided to leave because she had gotten a "Paki doctor" there. "They only have brown doctors and they did not help my kid," the woman told staff at one point. "What kind of horrible country do I live in? My kid is sick, so I want to see somebody else that doesn't have brown teeth that speaks English," she said.


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