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Read This Grandpa’s Funny, Self-written Obituary and Then Go Be Kind to Someone in His Name

By Abraham Piper

Walter George Bruhl, Jr. passed away on Sunday, March 9. His grandson Sam says

Typical of my PopPop: he cut out the middleman and wrote his own damn obituary…. So glad I got to read one more thing from my favorite writer.

And since he shared a pic of the hilarious, self-written obit, we get to read one last thing from him, too.

Enjoy the humor and then, like the last paragraph asks, find someone who needs your kindness today in honor of Mr. Bruhl…

Grandpa's Self-written Obituary

(via Reddit)

Some highlights…

He was surrounded by his loving wife of 57 years…who will now be able to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink

*               *               *

Walt was preceded in death by his tonsils and adenoids in 1936, a spinal disc in 1974, a large piece of his thyroid gland in 1988, and his prostate on March 27th, 2000.

*               *               *

Walter was a Marin Corps veteran of the Korean War…. He attained the rank of Sergeant. He chose this path because of Hollywood propaganda, to which he succumbed as a child during WW II…

*               *               *

There will be no viewing since his wife refuses to honor his request to have him standing in the corner of the room with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand so that he would appear natural to visitors.

Finally and most importantly…

Walt would hope that you will do an unexpected and unsolicited act of kindness for some poor, unfortunate soul in his name.

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