Real-life Batman improves life for a small Slovak town

By Abraham Piper

Zoltan Kohari lives in the town of Dunajska Streda and has become known as the Slovak Batman.

He is 26 and lives alone in an abandoned building without water, heat, or electricity.

Every day he dresses in his homemade, leather Batman suit and patrols the neighborhood, helping out old folks, picking up litter, and calling the police if anything seems suspicious.

He knows that some people around town think he’s nuts, but doesn’t mind since his neighbors like and trust him.

Jana Kocisova, a mother of two who lives in the building next to Kohari’s, says, “He’s had a tough life but he is very dependable and we like him. He helps us out, keeps an eye on public order, and he is a hero for my son and his schoolmates.”

(via MSNBC, Dawn)