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Real-life infographic about human evolution found in the cereal aisle

Jan 7, 2011 By Abraham


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  1. Adrienne says:

    C’mon. You totally placed Gorilla Munch in there to make your cladogram work.
    No way the organic gluten-free healthy food was on the same marketing shelf as the chocolate frosted sugar bombs.

    (Otherwise awesome. Though surely we’ve advanced beyond the Cap’n?)

    1. Ali says:

      I actually have seen the stores do that. They’re trying to get little kids to want the healthy food as much as they do the make-you-fat-and-hyperactive-kiddie cereal.

    2. Wunderkind says:

      To answer the question about whether it was staged or not, look closely behind the actual cereals. You can see that the cereals placed aren’t the ones that are stocked on the very back of the shelves. Secondly you can see the Cap’n Crunch of the same variety on the shelf below. It was staged.

  2. Jason says:

    Help me out here… your last two posts have made neutral/positive references to macro-evolution. Do you believe the natural reading of Genesis?

    1. Jason says:

      No. Because the reading that makes most sense to any given person reads that person’s context into the text.

      What I mean by natural reading is the reading that seeks to understand what the original author was trying to communicate to the original audience. The reading that assumes that when the original author said something happened, that he actually believed it happened.

    2. Jason says:

      Obviously I’ve hit some sort of a nerve. I really didn’t know what you believed and was just surprised to see the posts coming from a Christian blogger. I guess I can assume that you interpret Genesis in a way that allows you to accept the theory of evolution…

      1. Sam says:

        Please just stop. The catholic church accepted the theory of evolution in 1950, As in the infallible pope accepted it

  3. Roger Messner says:

    Can’t wait to get the end of the conveyor belt & hear “Now about this arguing over young earth/old earth/evolution…please remind us (the trinity that is) which of you were there when we (as in Father/Son/HS) did this?”

    And, that is seriously all I am gonna say about that.

    Also, let’s be honest “Gorilla Munch” (Yuk!) would be a step back in evolution, & Capt Crunch Berries would be a fulfillment of evolution.

    Wasn’t this just meant to be a bit of a funny?

    Lighten up.

    1. Roger Messner says:

      And, for the record I would have used Fruity Pebbles.

      And not just to seem culturally sensitive & make a statement about “alternative lifestyles”…”not that there is anything wrong with that”*…

      …but, because I just prefer me some Fruity Pebbles.

      And, not that there is anything wrong with Coco Pebbles…

      …oh man, couldn’t they have just used a different caved man themed cereal!

      * it’s a Seinfeld quote – calm down

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