Anyone who says that sexism doesn’t exist is not only wrong, but they’re also willfully ignorant. Companies eke as much money out of consumers as they possibly can by marketing the same product (at a higher price point, naturally) to women, by both reinforcing and insulting gender stereotypes. A two-for-one deal!

But we’ve always thought that laughter is the best medicine. And so, inspired by the brilliant Unnecessarily Gendered Products Tumblr, for your viewing pleasure, here are 40 of the most ridiculous, stupid, and otherwise unnecessarily gendered products on the market.

Pretty in Pink Earplugs

Ladies, if you’re not pretty when you’re sleeping, what’s the point?


Image: The Society Pages

Pens for Her

For when big manly pens hurt your dainty little lady hands.


Image: Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Men’s and Women’s Tea

It’s not enough to smell like flowers; you need to drink them, too!


Image: Buzzfeed


Regular wimpy, little tissues can’t contain men’s big, masculine boogers.


Image: Unnecessarily Gendered Products

Just for Girls Clear Tape

Hey, girls. Regular tape gets stuck in your mani-pedi, right? Don’t worry. Here’s some tape that’s made just for you.


Image: Unnecessarily Gendered Products