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Ridiculously thorough No Trespassing sign explains the REAL reason you should not enter

Aug 25, 2014 By Abraham

Many signs that say “Do Not Enter” or “No Trespassing” are simply ignored. Perhaps they’re too ordinary to even be noticed, or maybe they don’t do a good job of letting a would-be trespasser know why exactly they should stay away.

This sign, however, is not like that. It’s impossible to miss and is very complete in its explanation of what awaits you should you disobey…

Thorough Do Not Enter Sign

(via Reddit)


  1. terri says:

    The creator of the sign assumes the skill of reading from would-be trespassers.

    Perhaps a colourful pictogram featuring a human form entering, getting attacked by lions, crawling out with missing limbs, standing on a prosthetic leg before a bewigged judge pictogram as another holds up a mini version of the pictogram, followed by the person with the prosthetic pulling little triangle-shaped empty pockets.

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