Rock climber installs homemade reclining chair 350 feet up a cliff [5 pictures]

By Abraham Piper


A couple weeks ago Redditor Dallin Smith posted this picture of his friend sitting in a chair that Dallin made out of retired climbing rope…

Climbing rope chair - 01

The chair is bolted to the rock 10 feet over the ledge of a 360-foot cliff. He and his friends hiked/climbed up the backside of the mountain to reach the precipice and then rappelled down to their insane chair.

Here are some follow-up pictures he posted for the thousands of people who saw his first pic and were interested in more…

Climbing rope chair - 02

Climbing rope chair - 05

Climbing rope chair - 03

Climbing rope chair - 04

After his pics were seen a couple million times, he ended up having to take the chair down and it is now in a much less spectacular location — his garage — as he considers what to do with it. He’s leaning towards auctioning it off on eBay.