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Same couple, pose, and angle — Different clothes, hair, and makeup [9 pics]

Mar 4, 2013 By Abraham

A photo series from Nacho Rojo


    1. Graystone says:

      Can art fail? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; likewise, art speaks differently to each person. Just because you don’t appreciate it doesn’t mean the art failed, it just means it’s not a style that appeals to you. Critique fail.

    2. Thejohnykat says:

      It’s takes a real special kind of individual to tell someone that they have failed at self expression. Well done. What’s your encore?

  1. PhilA says:

    sorry, but by “Same couple, pose and angle” you mean “same couple, looking in the same direction but changing the pose when it suits the characters, with both looking at the same angle”, right?

    the guy changes the expression on his face to suit the character, while the girl just looks ahead blankly… how is that the same pose???

      1. Veronika says:

        I don’t like that he changes his expression either, would be better (imo) if the expression did not change. it lost all its magic to me, because of this. Good concept idea though!

      2. PhilA says:

        I hope this wasn’t the only time you posted a snarky reply to someone pointing out the mistake. THAT would suck! :-P

        1. Bartman says:

          That was hardly a snarky reply, just an honest response to your decidedly snarky comment.
          Lighten up, snapperhead.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice work.

    The most obvious things is that there are a lot of hating douchbags that are visiting this page. The probably could do anything even close to the level of thought and time put into this.

  3. Zachary says:

    The reflections in the sunglasses :D
    They’re different (I assume depending on the style of person. The one with crazy glasses has a skyscraper in the reflection, but the trendy… Italian-esque photo at the end has a more european reflection.)
    That’s cool!

  4. Kirt says:

    Seeing a little bit of myself in each of these.
    If what we’ve seen influences us, one wonders what
    would need to be seen to influence each of these
    different people as they are portrayed here and
    then how it is seen differently and influences
    each of us. Degrees of separation and perspective
    received, absorbed and transmitted. Groovy!

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