Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits to the Press What Trump's 'Flaw' Is | 22 Words

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits to the Press What Trump’s ‘Flaw’ Is

elcome back to the United States' newest, hottest daily soap opera, White House Press Briefing. Last time, we watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders face off against common sense and decency when she defended John Kelly's comments about how the Civil War could have been avoided if people just compromised better. The episode ended with Sanders flying off in a huff while refusing to answer April Ryan's question: Was slavery bad?

The cliffhanger was almost too much for fans to handle, but luckily, the show came back the next day — as it always does — with even more dramatic twists and turns. The plot thickened in this episode, in which Sanders was forced to answer the question, "What are Donald Trump's flaws?"

No doubt the answer will shock you. White House Press Briefing is proving to be America's favorite soap opera that we also hope comes to a crashing and burning end anyyyy day now. Seriously, any day.



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