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Sarcastic posters for photographers

Mar 8, 2013 By Abraham

Everybody wants to vent about their job from time to time, photographers included. (Even though all they do is take pictures all day, amirite?) So for photographers and those who love them, The Shoppe Designs has a series of typographical posters featuring comments that photographers either hear regularly or want to say themselves…

(via PetaPixel)


  1. meg says:

    You left out “Wow! You must have a really expensive camera to get that photo.” (not wow you must have worked your butt off for a long time to become such an accomplished photographer.)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Or “Hey photographer friend, since it’s JUST a few ‘point and clicks’ how about shooting my event/baby/wedding for free? Just this once…”

  3. mamamoiselle says:

    And you left out major newspapers that will pay you a pittance for the first 3 shots illustrating a story and zip for any extras — “You’re already there, right?”

  4. Brian says:

    My photographer friend always replies to “Your camera takes the best pictures” with: “Your mouth pays the nicest compliments!”

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