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Sculpture is an optical illusion that is both a cross and the Star of David

Sep 18, 2012 By Abraham

From a particular angle, this piece of metalwork by Francis Tabary is a cross when you look at the piece itself and a star of David when you look at its reflection.

Presumably, from a different angle, the sculpture would be the star and the reflection would be the cross.



  1. Christina says:

    I think this piece of art is really neat, but I haven’t convinced myself that it is truly a reflection at a different angle. The part that throws me off is where the base is connected. In the cross the pipe is t shaped, whereas in the star it is y shaped. I’m not certain a different angle could bend the pipe in that direction. Even so, the artwork is still lovely.

    1. Kabloozie says:

      What you’re not seeing clearly is that the parts welded together are rectangles, placed at angles to one another (think a “V” shape), which is how the star is able to take form. When you’re seeing the cross, you’re looking at the rectangles head-on, so from one side it looks like the base is attached at a T. Take a step to one side and you’d see it attached as a Y.

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