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Sea otters holding hands to keep from drifting apart while sleeping

May 19, 2011 By Abraham

(via Wikipedia, Reddit)

Works for humans, too.


        1. bel says:

          actually, sea otters do this in the wild in order to make sure they stay together as a group. they hold onto each other’s hands and from far away it looks like a raft. when they’re sleeping, they wrap themselves in kelp so they don’t drift away from the others and hold hands.

          1. Daniel says:

            bel, you explaination seemed a bit trite didn’t it? lol “to make sure they stay together as a group” “don’t drift away from the others” and “hold onto each other’s hands” “and hold hands”. Seemed like you repeated yourself alot. It was like you kept saying the same thing with different words. you used a bunch of synonymous phrases. lol (btw I repeated my self a bunch on purpose)

          2. Jorge says:

            bel, the “Daniel” kid who replied to what you said is pretty rude. (if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.)

            I didn’t know that sea otters did that.

          3. Daniel says:

            Jorge, I was just stating a fact. I thought it was funny. if you didn’t notice I did throw a couple of “lol”s in there.

          4. Liz says:


            I bet in the midst of your writing this, you felt rather clever and witty.
            Unfortunately, your recognition of Bel’s redundancy is overshadowed by your use of the word “alot.” I suggest you visit the website I have posted below for some educational laughter.


            I hope you all enjoy learning about these fascinating creatures unknowingly mentioned by people such as yourself.

          5. Daniel says:


            Thank you for pointing that out. I have been trying to fix that annoying habit of mine. Thank you for the website as well. It was very amusing. However, the website was talking about ways people type on the internet which is exactly what we are doing. If you notice I also used a couple more “short cuts” that are commonly used on internet chat such as “lol” and “btw”. I obviously was not trying to be formal with my writing and I’m aware that Bel wasn’t either; I was just making a joke (or as we say on the internet “I was jk” haha).

            Once again, (as with my initial post) I am not trying to offend you or anyone with this post. So please read this with a happy attitude because that is exactly the attitude in which I am writing it. :-)

            P.S. You didn’t catch that in my initial post I stated “bel, you explanation”, instead of “bel, your explanation”. haha ;-). Got away with it!

            P.P.S. For your and others amusement, I have rewritten the first paragraph in internet chat translation. Have a good day!

            Thx u 4 pointing that out I hav ben tryin 2 fix that annoying habit of mine… Thx u 4 the website as well, it was very amusing, but…. the website was talkin bout ways people type on the internet wich is exactly wat we r doin and if u notice I also used a 2 more “short cuts” that r commonly used on internet chat such as “lol” and “btw” and I was obviously not tryin 2 be formal with my writing and Im aware that Bel wasnt either, I was just jk.

          6. Daniel says:

            Jessica, if that were true, then we could also say “luv”, “heyyyyy”, and “thx” are just misspellings of words and not Internet chat speech.

            Once again, I am not trying to be rude or ever appear stern. I’m just responding.

          7. Frankie says:

            People are being too hard on Daniel, I caught the LOLs, take it easy, he thinks repetition is funny, let it go! :)

          1. emma b. says:

            Daniel you are very kind to apologize and when you stated what you did in the begging on the whole contrivercy it did not sound like you were trying to be rude. Also it is innappropriate to ask if someone is single on the web, Becki? because you don’t even know this boy/man.

        2. Jessica says:

          Also. If you’ve ever been to the Vancouver Aqaruim in Vancouver BC, Canada you can see this first hand. It’s so cute. I saw a video of it once then a few days later I happen to be at the Aqaurium and saw it in real life. I was so happy I got my own pictures!

          1. What says:

            This is the strangest conversation I have ever seen on the internet. You are all far too courteous, and hitting on someone for that comment is just strange. I don’t even know who I am anymore after reading this

  1. Cara Herzberg says:

    I guess you have redeemed yourself with this cute post. But if you post any more disgusting baby animal pictures, I will totally unsubscribe again.

    1. Jennifer says:

      That’s what I just told my man too! We joked tonight about holding each other’s arthritic hands one day because it will be too uncomfortable to let go.

  2. Jack Pattison says:

    I would have to wait all day at the aquarium to get a shot like that. If the whole world were like them otters the world otter change overnight.

  3. john benjamin says:

    I dont think there sleeping i think they just finished doing it. One of them has a cigarette

  4. kendra says:

    Do you think otters have a history of rejection issues….like going to sleep and daddy otter went to the otter store and never came back…maybe thats why they hold hands when they sleep.

  5. JoJo MoJo says:

    Are they holding hands or is one so insecure about their place in the relationship that he/she is unable to sleep without actual physical contact with the other. Cute? I think not. This self-destructive codependency must be bought to stop for both parties sake. A couple of years of cognitive behavioral therapy and some mild anti-psychotics will do wonders I’m sure. If all else fails, they would make a great hat. Wouldn’t they?

    1. Jan says:

      LOL you have a good sense of humor JoJo MoJo.

      They hold each other to prevent from drifting apart.

      If I remember correctly this was taken at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.

    2. ashley says:

      people like you make the world less enjoyable. keep your pretentious and unpleasant comments to yourself. No one wants to hear your pompous idiocy.

      1. Kim says:

        ….um.. am I the only one who detected the tongue placed firmly in the cheek of “JoJo”? or is the above poster like 12 years old?

    3. Voice o reason says:

      Aaaaahhh lighten up Ashley. I enjoy observational societal psychoanalytic humor, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. JoJoMoJo made my world briefly more enjoyable; your comment and deliberate insults were by far more pretentious than the posters sarcasm. If you want to be malicious and bombastic, please continue to the yahoo comment boards.

  6. SarahAnn says:

    Anyone else think JoJo Mojo has relationship issues? Really? Seriously? You think the total lovelyness of these two creatures holding “hands” is an underlying psychotic issue? Hmmm…. anyways I thinks this is simply lovely :)

  7. me says:

    stop saying this is a disgusting animal picture. this is from the vancouver aquarium where they are treated with more love then they would ever experience in there life without them, and they are very happy. I see this as a beautiful moment in animal’s lives in which we can realize we are not all that different.

    1. Jen says:

      I have to agree…as someone who used to frequent the Vancouver Aquarium, they are very well taken care of…they are truly adorable and my favourite part!! :D

  8. Msdevine says:

    Otters do this in the wild. The behavior is called “rafting”. Kind of a safety in numbers idea. One of the otters was a rescue from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This otter did pass away, and was studied post mortem to learn more about how she was affected by the spill.

  9. MissTaylor says:

    Initially I found this picture of these otters adorable and that’s why I was on the site. As I continued reading the comments I found them to be even more interesting then the picture and for all of you on here I am putting this on tumblr…best thing about the internet! Lol

  10. MauraCat says:

    Kyaaa! >w<

    Otters use Cuteness Attack!

    It's critically effective! MauraCat fainted!

    Seriously. So damn cute, I think it's given me brain damage.

  11. aubs says:

    David, I have to agree with you. I can see that you were only trying to be funny. :) Everyone else just relax and give him a break. :)

  12. nobody says:

    Daniel seems to be an arrogant prick that due to his lack of actual knowledge resorts to pointing out grammatical errors. Which aren’t as prevalent as he’d like to make them seem. The end.

  13. Abigail says:

    I can’t believe I just read this whole stupid thing. WOW. What a waste of time. Daniel, you’re a douche. No one cares if you think it’s ‘trite’. Someone should log your haughty paragraph into Wiki as a possible definition for ‘socially unadjusted’. Bel, you rock on!

  14. matheuu says:

    Funniest thread I read.. all month, maybe we should all just hold hands for a minute or two?? :) I want to be a sea otter!!!!

  15. craig says:

    they are extremley ugly and my dad used to throw them at me when i got home from school he would also make walk around naked while also mowing the lawn please i need some advice oh god hes coming and hes hard please dont help

  16. N says:

    This is a fantastic picture. Animals are truly unique and loving.

    As for everyone posting weird things on here like craig up there, what is the point other than pointlessly trolling pictures? And dogging on people for grammar and repetition is pointless. I say no more because well, that’s what makes threads somewhat entertaining. Nobody is douche, they just state what they see and comment about it, often taking it a little too far.

  17. An Ordinary Otter says:

    They also will restrain baby seals and then begin copulation; sometimes drowning it during the 105-minute-long process. Even after the seal is dead, the otter will hang on to the carcass and continue to mate with it for up to a week.

  18. Beluga says:

    It’s a touching notion, but entirely false. These two particular otters are named Milo and Nyac. Before they passed away, the pair lived together at the Vancouver Aquarium in BC, Canada. In High School I was assigned to work full-time over an 8 week period as a volunteer with the aquarium’s marine biologists. The truth is wild sea otters live in kelp forests, which they will wrap themselves in when they do sleep. Milo and Nyac adopted the habit of holding hands primarily because their habitat did not have any kelp ever. Those two were by far my fav’s, I had a lot of fun with them and I don’t want to be a hater, but the truth is much less romantic than the internet would have you believe. Not buying what I’m saying? Try to find any pic of two otters other than Milo and Nyac

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