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Sentimentally creative PSA reminding you to wear a seatbelt

Jul 8, 2012 By Abraham


  1. Marci says:

    I’ve never understood why people don’t wear seat belts. My parents always made us put one on when we were in the car so now, I feel naked if I don’t have it on. Such a simple thing to do that would save so many lives.

    1. Clara says:

      I hear ya, feel the same, and raised my kids to never ever go without their seatbelts. But you’d be surprised. I have older relatives who were so angry about the dang gummint interferin’ in their freedom to go without seatbelts (when states started passing seatbelt laws) that they took scissors and literally cut the seatbelts right out of their cars. They “knew” that seatbelts “would kill them” because, as they envisioned accident scenarios, the seatbelts would prevent them from “escaping from the vehicle.”

  2. PhilA says:

    the question that sprung to my mind – why did the girl stand on the sofa before moving forwards? if she wanted to get up & save her dad, wouldn’t moving towards him as quick as possible be the immediate thought???

  3. Lee Fifield says:

    Having been through a windshield as a child, I highly reccomend seatbelts, and don’t have a glass gallon jug, with no cap, of gasoline on the floor with your legs wrapped around it for your Dad’s tractor either, just a thought.

    1. Clara says:

      Eeeeek. Glad you lived to tell that tale. But what a perfect illustration of how ludicrously confident we (your dad, apparently, in this case) can be that driving around in cars is just normal and safe and pretty much like sitting in your living room, only you happen to be going from Point A to Point B, almost as an afterthought, while sitting. You don’t need no durn-fool seatbelt in your Barcalounger! Nowadays, using a cell phone while driving may be something like sitting un-seatbelted with an uncapped glass jug of gas between your legs.

      I guess the sight of those cut-off seatbelt straps in my relatives’ car made a lasting impression on me. A somewhat horrific one.

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