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Sex on the keyboard? That can’t be right…can it?

Aug 12, 2011 By Abraham

(via The Poke)


  1. Zachary says:

    I ALMOST checked, but then I knew it wasn’t real… I was actually in the process of moving my head when I realized it was a joke.
    Awesome :)

  2. tahrey says:

    except i realised in time that my computer has a “qwerty” keyboard, a sequence that involves the E.

    i did however just fail to type “qwerty” correctly first time. twice.

  3. InhumanCandyman says:

    I checked, realized it wasn’t real, then remapped my keyboard and swithed the letters around so it was real… I hate being wrong:-P

  4. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t check, however, being a gamer I just repeated “W A S D” in my head… Also being a typist, A S D F are the anchor keys for your left hand soo….

  5. Baron Fizzle says:

    Everyday Internet users will know their keyboard like the back of their hands. I didn’t check because this is retarded.

  6. Chas Pallow says:

    Actually, YES, I have had SEX on the keyboard before. But know better from typing that all 3 letters are on different lines. But good idea! I may pop mine off and arrange that way!

  7. Alex says:

    Maybe I’m one of the few who was required to take keyboarding/typing in HS, but I knew immediately it was wrong and didn’t check, or even have to think much about it. I even know two key layouts, and I know it’s not on the DVORAK keyboard either. Overall, though, just to make this post a little longer, I really don’t like it when people use the word “fact” to describe things that are not facts.

  8. JoshG says:

    didn’t check because i learned asdf when i learned to type. the home position of your left hand using proper typing.

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