Sheepdog herds men to the pub in a funny Guinness commercial

Mar 17, 2012 By Abraham 22

Competitive man-herding…

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  1. Marquette says:

    These are the hottest atheletes today hands down! Wish I lived where Rugby was constantly aired!

  2. Gail Palmer says:

    The guys playing the sheep were excellent-they really acted like sheep…..I wonder if it came naturally to them, or they had to rehearse….hmmmmm…..(loved it!)

    1. Lauren says:

      Racist? You stupid hippy >.<
      How is this racist?

      Get a sense of humour and stop being a 'professionally offended' tit.

    2. Magician says:

      I’m assuming that the poster thinks it’s racist to have an Indian chap running an Indian restaurant.

      Or that chubby British blokes love their Indian cuisine when they are on a bender.

    3. Charles Akin says:

      Sexist and racist? In what way? Some people are so miserable they can’t see wonderful humor anywhere. You need therapy now! Get a life! You sir are a loser.

  3. Plizzy Border says:

    Just too fantastic for words. Beautiful dog, captures the spirit of sheepdog trials and men in general!!!! Just LOVE it plus being a Guinness fan couldn’t ask for more my favourite dog and the best beer at the same time. Congratulations! HAPPY ST PADDY TO ALL

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