Should you Google that person? Handy flowchart resolves the great moral dilemma of our time

By Joey

Whether it’s your future boss, your daughter’s new boyfriend, or the guy who just asked you out, we’ve all checked the internet to see what dirt information we can find about someone on Google or Facebook, right? It’s in the public domain, so it seems innocent enough. Besides, the more information we know about someone new, the safer we feel about them.

Yet when I randomly looked up a friend online in a moment of boredom once, I discovered that he was a convicted felon. Given the timing and impact of his offense, I immediately questioned how well I really knew my friend. More than that, I couldn’t help but wonder how ethical it was that I had “snooped around” in the first place and found that piece of incredibly sensitive information that he no doubt wanted kept private.

Thankfully, Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton have created this useful flowchart to help us when we’re considering looking up someone online. The flowchart’s advice to me would have been, “Don’t Google; Pick up the darn phone and ask them directly.”…

Google Flowchart

(via Design TAXI)