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Silly Tweets from Taco Bell’s corporate account

Jul 12, 2012 By Abraham

They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, which is nice…

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. Rukus says:

    Clearly the first one with Men’s Humor is reffering to the day being 420.
    Which makes Taco Bells retaliation just not as funny as it could be.

    1. Shepcon says:

      You must be pretty high Rukus. Their response is about 420 as well, I’m sure they just don’t want the hashtag. It doesn’t matter if they deliver or not, stoners will make the pilgrimage for tacos.

      1. Glenna says:

        Those guys are more with it than you, Rukus, hence their use of hash tag “ballin” in response to “420”. And “420” is a time, not a day. Try to keep up.

        1. Glenna's Dad says:

          Glenna, you are so stupid. It is a day. look at that tweet again
          “20 Apr” that means april 20th which means 4/20/20xx. which means you have failed as a human.

          1. Glenna's Dad's Pimp says:

            Obviously Glenna was implying that she gets high everyday… which still means she’s failed as a human, just clearing things up.

      1. CrashBnct says:

        It is a quote from the movie Mean Girls as is the original tweet/quote although I think it was changed to include Taco Bell.

  2. GantzaGeschichte says:

    Tacos remind me of crotches of dessicated lizards in the outback. Or perhaps they remind me of Mrs. Ittner’s itchy thighs as she destroyed the self-esteem of generations of 6th graders.

  3. TrollBanana says:

    Mark Twain once said, “It’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.” No, like most things on the @#!$%#%&*^$@$# internet, Twain never said that.

  4. abunchofgibberish says:

    Research shows that asking me to click that button will get your recycled content a thumbs down on StumbleUpon.

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