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Slow Loris eating rice — The most peaceful thing you’ll see online today

Aug 9, 2012 By Abraham

People have different ways of finding focus and inner tranquility — prayer, meditation, exercise…

I think I’m going to take up loris-watching.


  1. turtlegirl784 says:

    It’s adorable and that makes me happy. :D

    But it looks like someone’s trying to keep it as a pet and that makes me sad. :(

    1. suckstosuck says:

      Way to ruin everything, Mike. I suppose there has to be a downer in every post from 22 words, but I think this one is especially bad. It’s a really cute animal eating rice, and you had to go and make it something bad. You win the award for stupidity today, Mike.

      1. Stephan says:

        Suckstosay you win the award for heartless dumbf@#k today, well done. Watch it again- It’s a really cute, toothless, caged animal eating rice.. Yea really warms my heart to see this little thing in captivity. Open your eyes idiot- look outside the internet and realize that not everything is here for your entertainment. Youtube ‘tickling slow loris the truth’ and lets see you go aaaawwww then.

        1. dsimathguy says:

          Not only did you spell his name wrong, you managed to throw in a swear! Congratulations! You’re one of those “I LOVE to argue with other people online, and when I’m wrong, I spazz to make people think I’m right!” type of people. Maybe you should learn to quit calling people bad names and start listening to what they say. That might actually help you in real life.

          1. Stephan says:

            I’m not arguing. I purposely spelled his name wrong. You are a hypocrite really, considering you even bothered to comment. I listened to what he said and I disagreed in a mode as ignorant as his- I think that is my right? Does my opinion not matter just because you disagree with it?! I suppose if I kept a poor defenseless creature in a cage and fed it rice I would be a calmer person though, right?

    2. Anna says:

      Hmmmm, I was going to post something intelligent about how you were wrong, or it’s not as bad as it appears, but alas, I cannot. I looked it up, the langauge in the title of the video is Japanese, and they are very popular exotic pets in Japan. Found this from a Wikipedia article titled Conversation Of Slow Lorises: “Because of their “cuteness”, viral videos of pet slow lorises are some of the mostly frequently watched animal videos on YouTube. In March 2011, a newly-posted video of a slow loris holding a cocktail umbrella had been viewed more than two million times, while an older video of a slow loris being tickled had been viewed more than six million times. Most viewers do not realize that the slow loris pet trade is illegal or that the docile behavior of the animals in the videos is a passive defensive reaction for dealing with stress.”
      Sad. At least the Slow Loris in this video doesn’t look unhealthy…
      I feel like I’m putting a damper on things.

  2. Alison says:

    this not cute, it’s very sad and cruel. this slow should be inthe forest not in someone’s apartment in a cage with its teeth removed so it can only eat sticky rice

    1. yo diddy says:

      ah well. at least it’s not a snack for an owl or something ravenous like that. and who needs teeth anyways when you’ve got rice??

      1. yo diddy says:

        give the thing a milkshake instead of sticky rice if it makes you wierdos feel any better (gimme a break!)

        1. Ura Edote says:

          It is a mutilated and tortured animal. A weirdo is someone who could condemn people for opposing something like this.

  3. Marci says:

    To all the people that are SO disgusted by this video, tell me what you’ve done since you saw it to help theses animals out. I mean, other than just posting comments on a blog….

    1. Stephan says:

      To be fair though posting comments on a blog raises at least SOME awareness. Yes, I wish I could do more though, you’re right.

  4. stephen c. says:

    after the first 20seconds or so i was ready to move on, but i kept watching until then end because i just knew it was going to start going berserk and start screaming like a hyena and spitting venom or something…. very suspenseful!

  5. LMR says:

    I would like to agree with those who are pointing out the cruelty behind videos like this. Lorises are highly endangered and a large part of that is due to the illegal pet trade which sees them ending up in cages, being fed inappropriate foods, and made into viral videos. The reality is that they are ripped from their natural habitat, sold in markets where yes, often their teeth have been ripped out, and they’re kept in bright sunlight even though they are nocturnal creatures, not to mention many other cruel practices. These videos may appear cute at first glance, but please consider what has gone on to bring the animal to this point, and try to raise awareness yourself. Without the demand for pet lorises, perhaps the species can start to recover in the wild.

  6. Richard Mahony says:

    The video’s likely been made private recently by the video’s owner following all the critical comments here from those in the know, as opposed to those by all the doofuses who think it’s cute to maim and torture wild animals.

    Yep – looks like the idiot who made the video may finally have woken up to the fact that not everyone on the Internet is a knave or a fool, a heartless rogue or a complete idiot.

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