SNL's Scathing 'Welcome to Hell' Skit Tells Men What Women Have Known All Along | 22 Words

SNL’s Scathing ‘Welcome to Hell’ Skit Tells Men What Women Have Known All Along

By Namina Forna

In October of 2017, reports emerged that Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted as many as 57 women. In the weeks that followed, the reports became more and more horrifying: Weinstein had engaged in a brutal campaign of crushing the reputations and careers of his potential accusers, had gaslighted them, and used actual spies to stalk them. As the reports about Weinstein steamrolled, more accusers came forward... this time against other notable men from other industries.

James Toback. Matt Lauer. Kevin Spacey. Russell Simmons. The list became longer and longer every day, with stomach-churning revelations the routine par for the course for each accusation: Matt Lauer had installed a button he used to close colleagues in. Russell Simmons raped 17-year-olds while Brett Ratner watched. James Toback had assaulted around 300 women.

The influx of horrific stories brought the #MeToo movement to the forefront, and had many guys wondering – "How did I not know about this?"


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