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Some options for sexy Halloween costumes that you haven’t thought of

Oct 19, 2011 By Abraham

It’s a bit hackneyed to dress up for Halloween as a sexy version of a nurse, wouldn’t you say?

Cartoonist Jillian Tamaki wants to spread the word that there are other alternatives for those who are interested in scintillating costumage…

I’m partial to the inflammatory email and inexplicable melancholy. You?

(via Neatorama)


  1. KP says:

    If nobody else is going to say it, I will: Inexplicable Melancholy is the funniest, but she’s kind of a Butterface.

    [hangs head, ashamed]

    1. Aaron says:

      I think I have to side with brooke on this one. I love most of what you post, but this one seems a bit over the line.

      1. Josh S says:

        What line did it cross? I’m not seeing the offense.

        Though I imagine it’s hard to post 10 things a day without offending someone…

  2. Teek says:

    The entire point is that ‘sexy Halloween costumes’ tend to be cliche and offensive. why don’t women get to just be an astronaut or a superhero or whatever for Halloween without being expected to dress like their place of work is a red light district. So I don’t see what’s offensive about the post -it’s criticising the unoriginal and sexualised costume choices directed towards women by suggesting some rather bizarre ones, as if to remind us that randomly sexualising every possible costume is kinda stupid. Awesome in my book…

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