Someone Dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags from ‘Monopoly’ Photobombed the Equifax Hearing — and It’s Even Funnier Than You’re Imagining

his month, Equifax revealed that it had suffered a huge breach of data, where people's sensitive personal information had been leaked into the void. The event compromised the personal information of almost 143 million Americans, which is basically half of the country. People's credit card numbers, social security numbers, drivers licenses, birth dates, and addresses got into the hands of hackers. This was especially bad because those are exactly the pieces of information you need to verify that you are ...well, you. And despite this huge data spill, Equifax just got a seven million dollar contract to help the IRS detect fraud. It's definitely raising some eyebrows.

One person wanted to bring attention to the fact that companies are often pardoned and given easy-outs of situations like these, and their unique way of peacefully protesting made viewers chuckle in an otherwise distressing situation.