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Squirrel riding a rattlesnake [3 pictures]

Nov 9, 2012 By Abraham 6

A bit of rogue taxidermy available on eBay for only about $500…

(via Voices)


  1. If I were a rich man... says:

    Could be a 13-striped ground squirrel, which is similar to, but not, a chipmunk. Still, this would def be on my list of things-to-own-if-I-had-$500-just-laying-around. Art in its highest form indeed!

  2. Ben says:

    From the item description (and seller’s ebay page):

    Our studio provides attention to detail, using the finest materials & craftsmanship. An artistic approach of natural postures & settings is our goal, and we enjoy working professionally to make sure our clients achieve the best possible quality.

  3. KaliP says:

    I wonder how long it will be until we see that The Bloggess or one of her fans buys this for her collection? It’s perfect for her!

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