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20 Statements That Will Really Mess With Your Head When You Stop to Think for a Second

By Megan Burgess

Deep thinkers catch a bad wrap. Take it from me. I studied under some of the world's most renowned modern philosophers in college. Yet, upon sharing my decision to officially study the fine art of thinking, I was not exactly comforted by others.

An English professor responded by asking me if I planned to sit on a log and think my whole life. My Dad merely asked me if I planned on also minoring in "bong."

And yes, I was thoroughly warned of the oh-so-original question that all philosophy majors are apparently left asking after graduation, once, twice or seventy times..."But WHY would you like fries with that?"

The thing is, I did plan on thinking my entire life. And while I didn't officially minor in "bong," I still feel that I, at least, deserved some type of honorable mention for my efforts.

But the truth is, underneath the triviality of our functional day-to-day thought processes, we're all philosophers. When we aren't engaging in the surface level thinking that modern life requires in order to be a semi-functioning human being, we all find ourselves pondering the same philosophical questions of existence, meaning, morality, and logic.

So when a Reddit post posed the question, "What concept f*cks you up the most?," I knew that commenters wouldn't disappoint in their responses.

In fact, they far exceeded my expectations. By exposing the common concepts that we all existentially wrestle with at one time or another, these comments remind us all just how many ideas mess with our heads when we really stop to think about them.


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