Stephen Colbert Just Destroyed Donald Trump Jr.'s Most Insane Tweet | 22 Words

Stephen Colbert Just Destroyed Donald Trump Jr.’s Most Insane Tweet

By Robin Zlotnick

Donald Trump Jr. is bad at a lot of things, including sitting, talking, and having a face. But one of the things he's worst at is Twitter. There are so many examples of Donald Trump Jr. tweeting and then swiftly being mercilessly mocked for his tweet for days on end. In fact, making fun of Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter has become America's favorite past time. Sorry, baseball. Yer out!

The latest tweet of Donald Trump Jr.'s, uncovered by the one and only Stephen Colbert, is no different. Well, maybe it's a little different. He seemed to have sunk to the lowest of depths when writing it. It's insane, as Colbert so graciously points out.


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