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Steven Tyler sang with Lithuanian buskers playing Aerosmith…then randomly met the president

By Abraham Piper

Aerosmith is on tour in Europe and they just played a show in Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania. Before the show, Steven Tyler was wandering the town and joined a pair of street musicians who played his song “Crazy” when they saw him.

He tries to sing along, but he seems to have forgotten the words and lost his pitch.

That was a little weird, right? Well, it gets weirder.

At 2:01 in the clip you see this building…

Lithuanian Presidential Palace

That’s Lithuania’s presidential palace where President Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— lives. She happened to look out her window and see these goings on, and invited Tyler to come over.

So after he sang on the street, he dropped in at the president’s house for a quick visit…

Steven Tyler and the Lithuanian President

All in all, not a bad day on the town, it seems.

(via Hypervocal, Reddit)

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