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Surprisingly embarrassing and exciting end to a 5th-grade football game

Oct 23, 2012 By Abraham

I’m torn about how to feel here. Do you feel more pity for the green team or joy for the red team?

(via Bag of Nothing)


  1. Chad says:

    Good for the red team. Premature celebration (among other things) has cost men of all ages the glory they thought they were going to achieve.

  2. KristenS says:

    It’s an important lesson to be learned- ain’t over till it’s over. Good they learned it early in their football careers ;)

  3. Pete says:

    Learn the rules :) A deliberate fumble is still a fumble… take the tackle or run it out of bounds otherwise the play is still on.

  4. Jeff says:

    And due to the humiliation and abuse heaped on the kid that threw down the interception by his teammates, little Johnny went on to become a world famous serial killer.

    And who says sports don’t build character…

    1. Daniel says:

      Or, instead of allowing others to dictate his behavior, took responsibility, learned from his mistake and became a great athlete, businessman and/or leader.

  5. Chris Roberts says:

    Feel sorry for the kid who didn’t realize what he was doing when he ditched the ball, yet impressed with the kid who kept it together enough to realize the ball was still in play.

  6. trevorh says:

    this is so wonderfully hilarious and embarrassing and awkward and everything little league football needs to be

  7. Gavin says:

    The final buzzer sounded before the kid who made the interception had full possession of the ball. By the time he caught the ball and threw it to the ground, the final buzzer was over…or just ending.

    This appears to be a bad call by the refs, unless the rules for this particular league state that the game ends only upon the final whistle and not the buzzer.

    Still though…great video.

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