Surreal photos of colorful mushrooms shine a whole new light on fungi [13 pictures]

By Joey


Australian photographer Steve Axford has turned fungi into art with his surreal photos of the mushrooms of New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania…

Mushrooms 01

Axford’s diverse array of fungi comes from varying climates from temperate to tropical. Many of his specimens don’t look at all like what we picture when we think of mushrooms.

Once you’re done sampling his work here, be sure to check out his other incredible photos on Flickr and SmugMug

Mushrooms 02

Mushrooms 03

Mushrooms 04

Mushrooms 05

Mushrooms 06

Mushrooms 07

Mushrooms 08

Mushrooms 09

Mushrooms 10

Mushrooms 11

Mushrooms 12

Mushrooms 13

(via Colossal)