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Survey says… Little Jacob is a smartass

Sep 7, 2012 By Abraham

Hoping to work through some simple expectations at the beginning of the school year, one (presumably middle school) teacher gave his students a survey to inspire a relevant conversation. The results showed that Jacob is going to be a handful…

(via Reddit)


  1. PhilA says:

    seriously, give this kid a gold star for his imagination, at least he’s got enough intelligence to come up with things like these – encourage it and get him into creative writing, and then, just maybe, we’ll have better books to read than the current tripe that is over-hyped and rammed down our throats!!!

      1. PhilA says:

        only just saw your reply – how about “Fifty Shades of Grey” – that felt like it was advertised everywhere, and that everyone HAD to buy/read it, but it was HORRIBLY written!

  2. CG says:

    Way to deal with this is to give them an A+, and a comment about how you “love their creativity”. This leads them into a false sense of security that you’re a push-over, buddy-teacher, etc.

    Then, just when they think they’ve got you on a leash and they try to get away with something, you crush them when they least expect it.

  3. E says:

    Hahahahahahaha!! That’s hilarious! He must have had a great time coming up with all that stuff. I just hope Mr. Thomas shares in the amusment.

  4. Jessica says:

    As a rule, the Jacobs of the world make entrepreneurial billions by 25, then retire to their Malibu beach mansions to grow shaggy, irreverent hair and date models. If Mr. Thomas knows what’s good for him, he’ll give him an A+ and make sure to stay in touch with the kid after he graduates.

  5. Erin says:

    original post says this is from a high school senior. Middle schoolers don’t generally think this well, let alone write this well.

    1. Janine says:

      His hand writing is shocking for his age, though! Damn computers :P

      I wouldn’t mind so much schools still taught kids to type correctly! My school taught us to write cursive AND made us do typing programs on our ancient PCs… but now that computers are used more than ever, my younger cousins aren’t being taught how to type at all! I see them constantly using 2 fingers instead of 8 :S It’s sooo much slower as well!

      A bit of an irrelevant comment, but I’ve been thinking it for some time and not had the excuse to vent :P

      1. Terra says:

        I learned to type when I was six. My parents got this weird Spongebob computer game that I had to type on to win, and I got addicted to it. But a lot of people I know can’t type to save their lives. They didn’t teach it in school; the teachers sort of expect students to be able to type. My high school offers a typing class but it’s filler and nobody takes it. It’s painful for me to have to sit there during a group project and watch someone type one word per minute when you could write the same thing, minus the spelling and grammar errors, in seconds. I don’t think the schools even teach grammar correctly, honestly. The only reason I know this stuff is because I bothered to find out.
        Thank you for the opportunity to complain.

  6. KMeteer says:

    Not so fast. When my little sister was in 4th grade, her teacher put her in the hall to write a paper she forgot to do. She wrote about an evil Mr. Teacher who sent his student outside in the hall to complete her work, where she contracted a sickness and died; and of court the evil Mr. Teacher in the story felt terrible. Her teacher loved it, and laughed. My sis went on to become Editor of a most excellent cooking website and Digital Editor for a major NY magazine.

  7. Mathew George says:

    This, unfortunately, appears to be a fabrication. Jacob is able to spell moustache correctly but uses a capitalized letter “K” in the middle of a sentence. He also correctly placed an apostrophe after a letter “S” at the end of a name, something many people regardless of age simply cannot do. Still, a very hilarious read. Well done random stranger.

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