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Tattoo of a child’s drawing

Jul 2, 2011 By Abraham

Kinda cool, actually…

Would you consider doing this?



  1. Stella says:

    Cute for a about a week … till regret sets in. Because their next picture will be even cuter, believe me!

      1. Loralie says:

        yes it’s real and i’m not sure if it’s this one or not but i’ve seen one like this before. when it’s your kid and you truly love them you keep mementos from when they grow up. just think of it as one memento that you never have to lose, she’ll carry it with her for the rest of her life and treasure it always. i’d definitely do it! my daughter means the world to me and i’d be proud to show off her artwork, even if it was at such a young age.
        also, i’ve seen parents do this for their terminally ill or deceased children since they didn’t get to enjoy their whole lives all they got was one last picture to remember them by.

    1. petrapain says:

      This shows love for the child involved and i truly doubt regret will ever come into this. Its beautiful and original, worn with pride. I dont have children but i do have a nephew that i love dearly, i have a picture that he drew when he was very young of a cat for me, ive carried it in my purse since, if my purse was ever stolen, that is what id be most annoyed about losing. This has inspired me for my next tattoo.

  2. Nick says:

    I’d do it for sure. Depending on the picture and the significance of course. I’ve already thought about doing this at some point.

    1. priscilla says:

      no way, jose. i’m not even the biggest tat fan, but that would be an infinite compliment and show of love. i adore seeing my painting of a flower i made for my mother when i was 10, in perpetuity decorating her house. i’d love it!

  3. Kevin says:

    I always feel sorry for people that say “why?” or “I can’t believe someone would do this” it must really suck to be that unaware of the world. Doesn’t matter if this is his kids first drawing ever or its 32nd, if he wanted it on his body then kudos for him. Tattoos are for yourself not for others.

    1. Josh S says:

      Actually it’s rather awesome to be that unaware of the world. I mean, for starters, we don’t end up with crappy drawings tattooed on ourselves. ;)

      1. kyle says:

        but you wouldn’t end up with a crappy tattoo. unless you intentionally made a decision that you felt was crappy. I don’t think you get it… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Individuality is beautiful. Tatted up or not.

        Just like music. An artist might be talented, but you don’t like them. Does that mean they suck? no. You just don’t like them. In fact there are some bands that actually suck that I like.

        and if you still dont get it.

        Say you have an autistic person and a victoria secret model. With an open mind you should be able to see how both are beautiful, and not just the one with the tits and ass.

        1. Grey says:

          I definitely agree with your assessment of beauty, Kyle.

          I’m not entirely certain how the person with autism to undies model comparison works, given that autism is not a physical thing.

          There are actually models out there with autism.

          I still agree with your point though. Just wanted to throw my two cents in. :D


          1. Varya says:

            I think she’s talking about the autistic people who do have some sort of slight physical deformity. The autistic children I babysat for all had different facial deformities because of their severe autism. A kid in one of my classes had lazy eyes and his teeth were messed up because of it. Yes, there are mildy autistic people who you can’t tell just by looking at them, but there are also many who do physically look autistic. So that’s my own two cents, hope the model scneario makes more sense to you now. :)

          2. anna says:

            I think it may have just been a coincidence that the autistic people you know happen to be a bit on the ugly side (if you don’t mind me saying) because it really is just a mental disability.
            Other than that mistake I’d agree with Kyles arguement.

        2. jjreddog says:

          Nope. Still stupid. Try to justify it in your pretty idealistic world, but it is just plain stupid.

          1. priscilla says:

            i think a “stupid” tattoo has no or loses its meaning. my mother still holds some of my childhood art dearly, a very similar painting graces her walls. tats are personal. if they want what they want, they want it. you’re stupid to tell someone what they want on their body is stupid. some people get tats, surgeries, and piercings to look like cats, barbies, and lizard people. to each his own. you can keep your generic, do what everyone else does life. i’m glad there are more colorful and interesting people than you to make my world more interesting and pretty. your world sound ugly and derogatory … and well, stupid

        3. Rena says:

          Well said, Kyle! If I am going to mark my body with something I want it to be with a symbol that means something to ME. It’s not for anyone else.

      1. jjreddog says:

        EXACTLY. This person wants it to be seen, because they think it is cool that they got a tattoo of a KIDS DRAWING!!!! Dumb.

    2. Vieve says:

      Exactly. You don’t know if this person’s kid died the day after drawing this. I think it’s awesome and a great idea.

      1. Nikki says:

        That’s truth speaking right there. A story from the parent about their child, and why they chose to get it and you may have a shift of thought. You may actually have a paradyme. What of that was the last picture that parents kid drew before the child died. Tattoos are for the wearer and 2nd for the world…to see. Not to judge. Since we live in a society
        where all ppl do is judge- everyone with tattoos gets judged. We’re junkies or alcoholics that party and all our friends
        like metal and drive motorcycles. Half my body is inked. A lot of it is not work I’m thrilled with. But each piece does resemble a time in my life. And when I’m
        Old and in a nursing home, if I live that long, I’ll be in a bed straring at
        memories on my arm. Remembering the people I was with when I got them. Tattoos are a perminate
        mark on an era for ppl. I apologize in advance for any and all mispellings and grammar issues. I hate this damn
        iPhone. Grrrrrrroar! More than this tattoo. Maybe I’ll get an iPhone breaking tattooed on me back!

    3. DJCarrieE says:

      Exactly! They’re either unaware or don’t have children. If they say something like that and do have children, that’s just… so freaking sad.

    4. Non Inc. says:

      “Tattoos are for yourself not for others.” Not when they’re on your back and can’t see them they’re not.

  4. andrea says:

    Is it any worse than those that get ‘tribal’ tattoos when they don’t belong to any tribe. Wait, what is the point of any tattoo. Awareness hahahahahaha. Too much psycho-babble for some people, finding relevance in the inane.

  5. paulette says:

    its simply amazing.
    if my child ever drew a picture “stupid” or not, if it ment that much to me, or him her, id do it no doubt. NO MATTER what people had to say.
    like if your going to tat your body, it could be the “devil” or “god” it dependds on what you belive, or how you veiw life. just relize not ever ones looking out your eyes.

    1. jjreddog says:

      The kid doing the drawing is not stupid and the actual drawing is not stupid. A grown woman (and it is a woman) putting it on their body as if they are some eternal child, or some ignorant clown with no taste is stupid. Okay, dudes: you are going at it hot and heavy with a woman, she takes off her shirt and you are checking her out and then you spot it. Wait what is that? It isn’t really a tattoo? Is it some bruise or birthmark? was she painting her room and got some on her? It is something? What the hell is it? It can’t be. By god it is! Some ugly drawing done poorly on a sexy part of the body.

      Come on. Dumb.

  6. Moana12 says:

    ive read the story on this, their kid died and they both got tattoos of the last 2 drawings she did in the hospital. think before you talk people, sometimes there is more to the story.

      1. Mark Jr. says:

        You’re a jackass. Go troll another page and shut your mouth until you know what it’s like to lose a child.

    1. Mark Jr. says:

      EXACTLY!!! Before I knew that, I had a gut feeling that something like that was the case.
      Now all of a sudden it’s a beautiful tattoo.

      1. Beth says:

        Yeah, I am a mom, and I am totally going to do this for both my girls (along with names and baby foot prints).

        Tattoos are an artistic expression of who you are. Who gives a crap what anyone thinks.
        Ink is there because it means something to you, and that is all that matters.

        I don’t get tattoos to be sexy. I could give two craps what anyone else thinks of me. My daughters are my life, and they are who I want to be remembered by.

        Remember, beauty fades, and people can be creeps, but in the end your legacy is your family.

        (I just like to use ink to document my story).

        Also, that tattoo is hidden under a shirt most of the time, so I have no idea why this is such a big deal.
        The story behind it is very sad, and as a mom, I would have done the same thing, hands down.
        Plus added anything my kid wrote to me, or even a pic if I could find an artist that could do it well enough.

  7. MaryB says:

    I love it, and the mom who did it. I wish I had thought of it 17 years ago when my 5yo son drew a picture of me with hair (before) and without hair (after) during my cancer treatments. In fact, maybe I’ll still get it!!

  8. Angela says:

    I would do it as a tribute to my child if he ever died. So to say would I ever do this, I never want to HAVE to do this. I love my son.

  9. Amber says:

    I’m amazed at how many people don’t like this. I can only assume that most of them don’t have children.

    I personally wouldn’t do it, but that’s mostly because I don’t want any tattoos. But I think it’s a cute idea.

  10. Momym says:

    My daughter drew her first stick person a long time ago and I kept it all this time. I have pondered having it tattooed on my body. This tattoo is so cute. :)

  11. Amy says:

    It doesn’t matter what the story is behind this. This drawing represents a moment of joy for this child. Any parent would want a reminder of the joy that a child felt. This is a moment that will never again occur, regardless of whether the child dies, or lives to be 100. Some people keep pictures, some frame them, some scan them, and, apparently, some tattoo them on their bodies. Every tattoo that a person gets should have some deep meaning for them and what could have a deeper meaning to any parent than their child?

    Regardless of all of this, it’s not anyone’s right to judge. This parent obviously made a decision – a decision that I’m sure they thought about. Whatever their reasons, respect them, as you would expect them to respect yours.

    1. jjreddog says:

      A “moment” of joy? Come on, my kids produce pages and pages of drawings like this. Every day! It is not like this is the only drawing the kid has ever or will ever do again. Joy? Moment? Watching the kid drawing for the 300th time this week?

      Put it on the fridge where it belongs and let us stop convincing ourselves that this was a good and personal decision and we should all respect that.

      Clearly this woman has poor decision making skills.

      1. lauryn says:

        It is personal. As they mentioned in the comments above, their kid died so the couple both got tattoos of the child’s last drawings. So, no, this child will not draw ever again.

        clearly you’ve never lost a child before.

      2. Yuliana says:

        Ur obviously stupid because the answe to ur questions, is NO the child will never draw again and it makes perfect sense the parents would want to hold on dearly to one of the last memories that they will have of their child

        1. jjreddog1 says:

          BS – that is not the story. The kids did NOT die. That was something that someone said on here and you bought it. THEIR KID IS ALIVE. Come on.

  12. Sandra says:

    I love this!! The little girl who drew it put alot of love in that picture for her Mommy! I would do it in a heart beat!Beautiful art should be displayed for the world to see weather it is on paper in a frame or on your body!!

  13. lisa says:

    ok – this is one of the most messed up things that’s happened to me in a while (my husband thinks it’s funny). someone whom i don’t know found the photo of my latest tattoo that my daughter designed. i thought i had only posted it on facebook for friends to see – or maybe it is a friend staying anon?? now it’s been posted on pinterest with 20 some comments…some nice, some not nice at all. i find it so strange random strangers are making such judgements about me – going so far as to think i will regret it, or that my child will be embarrassed of it. It is not a tribute tattoo (thank God). my daughter is alive and well and still creating art…and she already wants to design my next tattoo. the tattoo is my daughter and son giving me a flower. the meaning this work of art has to me is beyond words and i’m more than proud to have it on my body. tattoos aren’t for everyone, but they are for me. each one has a story behind it that will stand the test of time…

    1. Brian says:

      Lisa – I think it’s beautiful!! What a great statement of love from both her and you!! The hell with what other people think. You’re right, tattoos ARE a personal thing and you both should be VERY proud of it. You’ve always done your own thing despite what others may say and it’s one of the many things we’ve loved about you all these years. I have saved a picture that your cousin did a few years back that I wouldn’t mind doing the same thing with. Yes, it’s personal, it’s love. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon and seeing it in person and giving “the artist” a great big squeeze!! LOVE YOU!!

  14. Meaghan says:

    The whole “point” of a tattoo is to put something on your body that you want there forever, to tell a story that relates to YOUR life. That is exactly what Lisa has done. She is showcasing her daughters work, so people can ask about it and she can tell them a story about her amazing little girl. She is not following the crowd by picking a star or a butterfly off a list of options on the wall, to just do something for the hell of it. She is putting her story, on her body. The end.

    Ridiculous to even judge this photo. Obviously nobody else will want this tattoo, for it means nothing to them. It is special to only Lisa and her family, but personally I think it is amazingly adorable and a great idea!

  15. NinaJean says:

    I firmly believe anyone who dislikes this is a crotchety close minded dork… A picture is worth a thousand words, remember? It’s a hell of a lot better than just getting your kid’s name in some lame font or their zodiac sign with tribal around it.

  16. heather says:

    I love this tattoo..I think its sweet…why should anyone else care what this person chooses to have inked on their own skin?? Do you know the reason or story behind it?? no..so keep your close minded opinions to yourself..stop the judging…set a better example for the younger generations…

    this mother obviously loves her kids..LOVED this drawing…that meant soooo much to her..to have it inked on her…which is her decision…grow up folks…

  17. jjreddog says:

    “Lisa” and I like how everyone assumes it is the real owner of the tattoo. If you continue to have your daughter “design” tattoos for you, and if you continue to not hang them on the fridge, but instead permanently ink your body with them. You are going to look like some bizarre patchwork clown. Look, my kids do lots of fantastic stuff and drawings and what not. I DON’T PUT THEM ON MY BODY FOREVER.

    Imagine that old wrinkly body with these badly multicolored stick figure drawings all over it – you are going to look like a box of crayons melting.

    I seriously question your judgement and taste.

  18. chasity says:

    I love it! all these negative comments about its stupid blah blah blah don’t you idiots get it there are two stick people its either the mom and kid or the dad and kid this picture will always mean something for both the person who drew it and the person who got it tattooed no matter how old they both live to be and even if this becomes a bunched up ink blob when they get old they will still look at that bunched up ink blob and smile b/c they know what it really is

  19. tial says:

    Really? 1000 comments over this issue? Opinions will exist but the only valid one is the one with the tattoo. Personally, I have a 3 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I AM getting a tattoo of their drawings. I want to capture their creativeness, my 3 year old can mock drawings, it’s crazy good. they are so creative and i want to capture this, also i love art, i want to create something with characters of theirs. Its not about if anyone likes it or not. when i look at it I see the love of her children. I admire it. I wont be embarrassed or care about anyone’s opinions, cuz that’s what they are…. opinions.

  20. Lorie says:

    I think it’s up to the wearer of the tattoo what they want to have inked into them. I for one thinks this is a cute idea. I am getting my 5 year old son’s hand printed name tattooed this week. It’s going to be smaller than the picture shown, and I am saving space for when my 2 other children are 5 and starting their SK year, I will do the same. I will have those memories of my kids printing saved, tactfully, on my body forever. I have seen alot of people tattoo their child’s name onto them, I am just letting my kids print their own name. A reminder of innocent days. A wondeful thing for those of us who like to reminisce. Our body, our choice.
    I also think it has alot more taste than ALOT of work I have seen out there, HAHA!!

  21. Lorie says:

    Just an update, I have had my son’s name inked on my left forearm, and I love it. So many people have made great comments and this is by far my favorite and coolest tattoo I have!

  22. maggie says:

    A former colleague had a drawing that her son had done tattooed on her back because he had drowned in an accident. She said it was so she would always have a part of her child with her.

  23. Allison says:

    So do you guys want to call me stupid for wanting a tattoo dedicated to my father that passed away this June? I’m only 17 and he was my best friend, so call me whatever you want. When someone chooses to get a tattoo it’s because to THEM it is beautiful and meaningful. I think that getting you child’s drawing tattooed on you it cute, but maybe something smaller and less vibrant, but that’s just me. And for people saying “if this tattoo is for the wearer then why did they get it where it shows or post it online” Well maybe because they’re proud of it and want to share it with people that would appreciate it, maybe their child passed away and this is how they remember them, you never know why another person does something so you can’t judge them….

    and I’m finished with my rant :)

  24. willtur says:

    for some reason I always think of tattoos like that stupid kid that needed to have a note pinned to his shirt so he would remember. We have this thing called memory so you don’t have to hang and carry around mementos like some serial killer to relive a moment. Unless the kid handed the drawing to you then walked into the street and was railed by a bus the significance of it is crap. I have my kids stuff in a box like normal people do, not bronze shoes hanging from a nipple piercing like some douche.

    Dedicating to the dead is the only relevant thing I can see justified but even then do you really think a wristband or tattoo as a gesture is what they want?

  25. Lizabeth says:

    I think its great, I have a drawing my daughter did on my calf, it gets compliments all the time. Your kids are only little once why not keep a piece of their childhood forever

  26. mc says:

    The tattoo artist did a very good job at making it look like a child drawing and actually making it look a little better than the original, but the person with the tattoo made a very bad decision.

  27. Whiteknight777 says:

    I could never understand why someone would deface the body that God gave them. I have seen pictures, as most of you have, of people that no longer look like people, but rather look like reptiles, or freaks; neither of which improves their looks. Original is best. Be happy with what you have.

  28. patberg says:

    i have two tats, one made by a guy i suspect was as drunk as me when it was done and one made from the first meaningful drawing my son ever made. guess which one i don’t regret?

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