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Teacher fined for transporting 19 children in her little car [3 pictures]

Oct 15, 2012 By Abraham

When police in Pretoria, South Africa followed a tip from a concerned citizen, they found a pre-school teacher bringing 19 kids back to school after a fun outing. No big deal, right?

No big deal, except that all 19 kids were in her hatchback…

She fit 6 kids in the trunk, 3 in the front seat, and 10 in the back.¬†After being fined 1,500 rand (about $170), she says she won’t be taking the kids out again.

(via NBC, NY Daily News, The Nation)


    1. ashleighjoy2007 says:

      And that she was only fined $170!?!?!?!?! If you compare that to U.S. salaries, that’s only like 12% of her monthly paycheck. That is nothing.

  1. Yahon Vandersmith says:

    what’s the big deal, Mexican’s do it all the time.
    lol, my uncle stuffed 7 people into his Volkswagen golf into his tiny car.
    I was there.
    Don’t go all { Oh, no they didn’t just go their }
    my mom is Mexican, so I can go their.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The children were definitely not safe, I agree. Nor are they old enough to protest as adults would in this situation in American standards especially. But I have lived in South Africa, this isn’t so shocking. People often cram as many friends or coworkers as possible into vehicles when few have cars. My first time I arrived we shoved 18 teens/young adults into the back of the equivalent of a Ford Ranger or other small truck. You often see blue collar groups of men of all races clinging to similar trucks on their way to work. And yes, the fine is low but so are most of their traffic tickets in South Africa. For speeding I once only paid $40 there. What surprises me most is that any police officer saw her to pull her over, police are far and few between and usually not trusted or respected the way they are in the US. I am glad she was pulled over to say the least, but this story still doesn’t shock me.

  3. Nicole says:

    After traveling on public transport in India… this lady has nothing on them! They may have been cramped, but at least they were all riding INSIDE the vehicle.

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