Teenage brothers build incredible, giant snow creatures in their front yard [pictures & videos]

By Joey

Brothers Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz are three young men from New Brighton, Minnesota. Not content to stay inside and play video games or even settle for a standard snowman, the boys spent 95 hours over the course of 3.5 weeks building this 20-foot snow shark in their front yard.

It comes complete with a viewing area and snow-encased lights for night viewing…

Snow Shark 5

Snow Shark 1

Snow Shark 2

Snow Shark 3

Snow Shark 4

But this isn’t the boys’ first aquatic snow creature. Two winters ago, they made a giant pufferfish, inspired by a Florida fishing trip…

Snow Puffer Fish 1

Snow Puffer Fish 2

Last winter they went even bigger, spending 100 hours and taking snow from 5 neighbors’ houses to build a walrus…

Snow Walrus

Snow Walrus 2

The boys collect the snow from their neighbors as well as their own yard, using sleds to move the snow into their garage, where they wait for it to warm up to the point where they’re able to pack it together. They’ve posted a few videos to their YouTube channel showing the progression of their creations as well as interviews they’ve done with local media.

Watch this year’s creation turn from a pile of snow to the huge, icy predator it is now…

(via @gspphoto, @rudy_priKARE, @FamilyTreeApp, WCCO, Imgur, Reddit)