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Teenagers clear snow off the driveway with a shovel, a van, and laziness

Mar 9, 2013 By Abraham

Sometimes innovation makes things more fun, if not necessarily more efficient…


  1. PCTransplant says:

    Compliment your children on being extremely lazy? Then, put footage of their laziness on the internet? And we wonder why other countries have such a negative view of Americans.

    1. Carr says:

      So an attempt at using resources at hand to make jobs easier to do through innovation is shameful laziness? Sure, okay.

      But I have a question: How did you have time to hand deliver this comment to Abraham for him to personally flip binary switches to input the data into the computer to then have it posted here? I mean this was just posted earlier today. Color me impressed.

      By the way, enjoy riding your bike, driving your car, using the microwave or stove, staying warm with your home (an insulated home at that with climate control), or any number of conveniences born out of a desire to be “lazier.”

      1. PCTransplant says:

        Sorry, Carr. This is not innovation by any stretch of the imagination. This involves good old physical labor, for which a petroleum powered vehicle is not necessary. The only resource needed is people power. Some activities will never lend themselves to innovation; shoveling that little amount of snow is one of them.

        1. Carr says:

          Fine. No innovation. How about “fun solution to the problem”?

          (By the way, around where I live, that’s actually a fair amount of snow.)

          When I was a boy, I had a payer route. I hand rolled those newspapers and lugged the full bag on my shoulders as I walked down the street. Eventually, I developed a way to roll the papers quicker without getting the ink all over my hands — double win. Also, I eventually adopted using a bicycle with a basket (no matter how dorky it looked) because it sure was easier. Was that lazy or just being more efficient in both time and effort?

          I just don’t understand folks that look to call laziness every time they see children doing something differently than they would do it themselves. It just seems bitter to me. They look like they are having fun. Heck, I’m sure I’d have a pretty good time doing that as an adult.

      2. Nicole says:

        I’m not sure who I agree with. Carr, your response was quite broad and used straw man arguments. PCT was pointing out the benefit of good hard labor instead of using our precious resources in place of something that would benefit our health. To not be trivial about those resources in an effort to be lazy. HOWEVER, as a northerner, that snow looked heavy and having done MANY snowfall shoveling – that driveway was wide (as shoveling goes), who knows how long, it looked to be of a wetter composition (heavier) and quite high. That type of shoveling could take more than an hour – close to two depending on the actual area. In that case, utilizing something like the car (no different than hooking a snow plow to the front of a truck) to make heavy labor easier and more efficient with our time.

        1. Mike says:

          Let me tie this all together then.
          Yes, they could have actually done the work and not been lazy. Yes, laziness (or the want of something to be easier) is what lead to just about every invention on earth. In the end, the laziness they displayed here will one day inspire them to have more new and innovative ideas. One of these days those kids will remember the time they made it easier to shovel snow and they will invent a way that makes it easier to do any of Carr’s examples or something completely new. You’re both right, but my stance is that this is a good thing and their parents are great parents for letting them be innovative, even on a small scale.

    2. katherine says:

      Hi, I am the sister of these boys and am even seen in this video. I just wanted to clarify that my brothers and I weren’t being “lazy”. We only did this for a about 5 minutes just to try it. Previous to this video, we used shovels to shovel the driveway. :)

  2. Jenna says:

    What a waste of gas… Tell your kids to pay for their own gas and not be so f’n lazy. We ALL have to shovel and we ALL hate it, it’s PART OF LIFE.

  3. Chelsi says:

    Do you all have kids, and do you all rule over them with such grumpiness? For goodness sakes. My parents would have thought this was funny and would probably have let my brother and I do it too. I have a respectable job, strong work ethic, and great relationship with my folks. Calm down– your kids will take care of you in your old age (or they won’t…).

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