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Telling good people from bad — Vintage safety booklet for children [16 pictures]

Aug 14, 2013 By Abraham

This 1968 publication tries to help children navigate the dangers of all the terrible people out in the world (and all the terrible animals, too, while they’re at it). Obviously, this is serious stuff, but it takes on an even more somber tone when you note that it’s published by The Independent Order of the Golden Rule, a group of funeral homes…

Good People and Bad People - 01

Good People and Bad People - 02

Good People and Bad People - 03

Good People and Bad People - 04

Good People and Bad People - 05

Good People and Bad People - 06

Good People and Bad People - 07

Good People and Bad People - 08

Good People and Bad People - 09

Good People and Bad People - 10

Good People and Bad People - 11

Good People and Bad People - 12

Good People and Bad People - 13

Good People and Bad People - 14

Good People and Bad People - 15

Good People and Bad People - 16

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  1. Dave says:

    The pamphlet was published in Detroit. It’s too bad the publication doesn’t mention the bad politicians who bankrupted Detroit.

  2. Paula says:

    Strangers again. Maybe mommy and daddy are bad people! Every kid needs to be warned that it could be someone he or she knows. Even in the same house.

  3. Wyeth says:

    I started Kindergarten in 1968, so this pamphlet reads very much like many of those things we children were taught when I started elementary school. Information like this could actually come in handy. Once, while walking home from school for lunch (in those days, we children walked to school in the morning, walked home to have lunch, then returned to school after lunch to finish the remainder of our school day), my younger sister and I were approached by a man in a car, who pulled over, beckoned us over to his car, offering us candy! I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8, so my sister would’ve been 6 or 7. Well, my sister started walking towards the car, at which point I grabbed her hand, pulled her back and told her “We’re not supposed to talk to strangers!” And, holding her hand, we hurried on our way home. Thankfully, we weren’t followed. And, to this day, my sister thanks me for saving her from that “bad” man.

  4. Babs says:

    Words cannot express how creepy, scary, and hilarious this is, all at once! The abrupt switch to animals got me laughing out loud…
    I also started school in the late 60s – we were taught this stuff, but I think this book would have given me serious nightmares! The way they say they’re going to tell us what bad people do, but then only talk about the way bad people lure children (things that aren’t inherently evil), would have been so confusing/scary. WHY is unbuttoning clothes bad? WHY is riding in someone’s car bad?
    Don’t even get me started on “The Order of the Golden Rule.” A secret society that publishes secret books.

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