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“That guy”: Info about character actors you recognize but don’t know by name

Mar 9, 2011 By Abraham

You know those guys who you see regularly in movies but who almost never star in them? Guys like…

Well, here’s a list of a bunch of these actors.

To make it onto this list…

…a “That Guy” has to have appeared in a solid number of both movies and TV shows.   The numbers are not carved in stone but 75 movies/series and 100 TV guest appearancess are the “lifetime .300 average and 500 homers” for this particular hall of fame.

Some common traits of a “That Guy” actor:

  • Reminds people of somebody more famous (“The poor man’s ______”).
  • Can be described in two words (e.g. “Bad cop,” Kindly grandfather”).
  • Played the bad guy in a sequel.
  • Resume shows a preference for quantity over quality in the roles they’ve taken.


  1. @NatMcIntyre says:

    Still reeling from International Women’s Day, so I’ll throw this out there: Funny how there aren’t any That Girls. Just eye-candy props with a shelf life of a couple of years. Doubtful that the entertainment industry will ever even get in the ballpark of equality.

  2. Barnabas says:

    I was going to argue with a couple of the choices until I realized I didn’t know their names until I saw the list.

  3. Tracey says:

    Or Giovanni Ribisi…wow, can’t believe he’s on there. Must be the unusualness of his name. @NatMcintrye, Stephen Tyler told a contestant on American Idol last night “Happy Inertnational Women’s Day.” It just goes to show how women are supressed around the world, we need a DAY to be celebrated. Love it if the US would make it a federal holiday and we can get a day off…only women tho.

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