The 11 Most Important and Hilarious Life Lessons ’80s Movies Taught Us

ost of us glean life's most valuable lessons from our parents (or the parental figures in our lives). Moms, dads, and surrogate moms and dads taught us everything from basic self-care to how to start up a 401K to the secrets to the frying the perfect egg. Would any of us even remember to floss, if a parent hadn't driven home the dangers of tooth decay?

But there's another reliable source for learning all of life's lessons. Movies!

The '80s in particular was a golden era of film for picking up tips on how to function smoothly in sort-of-real-life. And now, thanks to the glories of Twitter and the recent hashtag #80sMoviesProTips, we're able to see all of the greatest '80s-movie wisdom in one place.