The Bachelor's Krystal Is This Season's Villain, but Bibiana Is the Prophet | 22 Words

The Bachelor’s Krystal Is This Season’s Villain, but Bibiana Is the Prophet

By Erin Martin

Bibiana Julian is a modern day prophet, and we don't deserve her. In Arie's Bachelor world, you are either a Krystal or a Bibiana - there is no middle ground. And though it's been a mere three weeks of welcoming her into my life, I will be #TeamBibs all the way to the end. First loves never die. (Bibiana, will you accept this friendship rose?) Although she wasn't given a rose this week, Bibiana's wise words will forever bloom in our hearts: "Please God, let one of those women get bitten by a puppy." I mean, the poetry practically writes itself! Here's why Bibiana called out the devil's handiwork on The Bachelor before anyone else.


- The story continues 1/2-