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The bizarrely adorable guinea pig train

Feb 19, 2013 By Abraham

A parade of guinea pigs scoot single file along their little track through an excited crowd into their pen…


  1. Shanti says:

    Those poor pigs are making very stressed chirps. Guinea pigs make all kinds of sounds that let you know what they are feeling and those little guys may be cute but it looks and sounds like they’re very scared!

    1. OtterKin says:

      If they were absolutely terrified, they would be either frozen or madly dashing off the track. I heard alot of bird noises, but the noises I thought were pig-made sounded like the normal noises I hear when my pigs make a train around the room, just constant communication with the pig they are following. They all looked like they had done this before.

  2. Joel says:

    “Sorry I’m late honey, the traffic on the loop was nuts tonight. Stop and go the whole way.”

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