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A child’s list of sins, minus 1: The case of the scratched out confession

Jun 17, 2011 By Abraham

From Found Magazine

This was found by a friend on the floor of a local supermarket. So reminiscent of my own Catholic childhood…

A child's list of things to confess to the priest. The second to last one is scratched out.

What catches my eye is the second to last line. Why is it scratched out?

Was it too bad to tell the priest? Or perhaps he realized after he wrote it, Oh wait, that’s not a sin! Score!

Or maybe he decided he was giving too much detail and just changed it to “teasing.” After all, what if somebody finds it…and puts it on the internet?


  1. Jodi Larson says:

    After reposting this on facebook, my trusty eagle-eyed friends collectively determined the redacted sin to be “I stuck a pen up my nostrils.”

  2. Tessie says:

    This is actually kind of funny. I think maybe the thing that was scratched out was so bad that he/she didnt want anyone to know.

  3. linda says:

    ….so would that be the pen that he is currently writing with that he stuck up his nostrils?? That could be why he crossed it out – ‘cos it’snot a sin…

  4. blueangel says:

    All of that is just kids being kids and I don’t believe for one second that God is petty enough to send someone to hell for any of that. I can’t stand when Christians bad mouth God.

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