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The development of the uneven bars, 1950′s to 2000′s

Aug 3, 2012 By Abraham 7

A wonderful compilation of gymnasts performing on the uneven bars over the last 60 years…


  1. Greg says:

    The black and white stuff was pretty funny, after that they all looked about the same to my untrained eye.

  2. PhilA says:

    the bars moved further apart over time, so they could swing more without having to go into the swinging splits, but it’s amazing to see the differences in what the girls do now compared to how it was 50-60 years ago, especially the spins before grabbing onto the same bar… they must have AMAZING reflexes and grips in their hands!

  3. Kevin says:

    The best part was when I realized why I kept thinking about Navy Seals being slaughtered by domestic terrorists.

  4. Tara says:

    Thank goodness they moved the bars farther apart so the women don’t have to fling themselves around on their ovaries like they used to…

  5. Jean Frank says:

    Interesting to note the changes in the technology of the actual bars and the hand/wrist supports – makes you wonder how far this can develop or has the sport reached its peak? Kolbut and Comaneci are still the absolute pictures of perfection – they totally changed the sport!

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