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The difference between how men and women take pictures of things

Jul 13, 2011 By Abraham

Oh, stereotyping, you’re so fun…

(via Weird Awesome Stuffs)


    1. Donna Gary-Gogerty says:

      I took this as meaning women like to have people in their photos — not just things … didn’t equate this with a photo of myself …

    2. Ashley says:

      I think it’s funny that you don’t take pictures of yourself but noticed by the angle that this is exactly what the woman was doing. I didn’t notice till you pointed it out, and then I realized by her pose that she was, in fact, doing just that. But I only know that because when myspace was still around I was doing that all the time. You totally have taken pics of yourself! :D

  1. Rodney Olsen says:

    Absolutely spot on. A lot of guys focus on the object or the scenery while women focus on the people. I recognised this a while back and have been working to include more people in my photos. :)

      1. Janine says:

        I remember someone saying the same to me quite some time ago… and then pointing out that a picture of a fountain (or something nice you see on holiday) will just be a bland picture of a fountain when you come home. If you include a person, it becomes a nicer memory =]

  2. Andrew says:

    I noticed this about a year ago when showing pictures of a trip I took to friends. Women would generally stop and comment when there was a picture of people or of people doing something. Men would generally stop and comment when some interesting object or place was being shown.

  3. Kirsty says:

    I may be atypical, but if I want to take a photo of an object, I only put people in it if it’s needed for scale.
    Of course, I sometimes take photos of people, if I’m trying to be arty, or occasionally of family. But the vast majority of photos I take have no people in them.
    (I am female)

    1. Amanda B. says:

      I don’t think you’re that atypical; I do that too. “Take picture of an object” means… take a picture of an object. “Take picture of people I care about in a cool environment” is different.

  4. Ashley says:

    OF COURSE we take pictures of people in them. They are the ones people stop to take a look at. Do any of you have kids? Or friends that come over for shin digs? Have you ever noticed that when they get to the “scenery pics” they get glazed looks in their eyes (kids are much more honest, they will yell BORINGGGG)!!! Well, photogs, just going to say, you may want to hold on to one or two shots, but the ones people will comment on and appreciate are not going to be the fifteen you took of the cactus. JUST SAYING.

    1. Neil McAllister says:

      What about the fifteen hundred of “This is us in front of…” – give me fifteen of the cactus any day!

      1. Ashley says:

        Do you have a kid? When you are 80, I bet you my next paycheck you would rather see fifteen hundred of your kids and grandkids then the cactus.

        1. Oily says:

          Of course Ashley – because when we are 80 we’ll have seen all the cactii we’ll ever want to see. Our grandkids will have just been born… Duh.

  5. KBL says:

    I used to take photos of my friends…. decades ago…. when it was about them. But I also went for the ‘artsy’ shot of nature & wildlife if I had the chance. Now it’s far more the latter than the former. And I’m female. Mostly the only people pictures I take are of my friends’ kids in nature, outside playing. But I still take easily 4-5x more of nature itself. And I always have a camera on hand.

  6. Will says:

    Would have been more accurate showing a guy take one picture and then posting it, and showing a woman taking 4372894327 pictures and spending the next 2 days indecisively picking out the best one

    1. KBL says:

      Will, clearly you do not know people with an artistic eye, who are female. I firmly believe the indecisiveness of someone has nothing to do with male or female. I have a good friend I worked with & for one summer who is male. He was one of the most indecisive people I’ve met. I think it has more to do with personality type than (like Myers Briggs, or Kiersey) than gender. I can skim through my shots & know which are the eye catches & which are not. Always have been…. and yes, I am female.

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