The faces of high divers while diving

July 28, 2011 | By Abraham | 11 comments

(via The Poke)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    If they were women in labor…it’d make more sense but most women look way better than these guys. Any idea who caught these shots? I couldn’t find anymore info on the originating site either.

  2. Shani says:

    The divers are identified here:​journal/2011/07/22/into-th​e-deep/

    Ezra Shaw, a Getty Images photographer, shoots divers at the 14th FINA World Championships:

    “Like any event, I am always trying to get something a little different each day. We had just got a 800mm lens shipped in from London and I decided to take it over to the diving pool and see what I could get. I set up down on the pool deck for the men’s 3-meter springboard prelims. After the first diver went, I realized it was going to be much more difficult to capture the type of images I wanted because the divers were jumping so fast, and the 800mm lens was so tight. However, I started to get the hang of it, and by the end of the session, I got a handful of pictures that I really liked showing the different faces of the divers.”

    All photographs by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

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