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The federal government takes steps to solve the nation’s obesity epidemic

Aug 31, 2011 By Abraham


  1. Sarah says:

    All I want to know is, if the fat guy at the end was serious. God I hope it was suppose to be a joke. Dude, it’s not the government’s fault that you’re fat. I’m pretty sure you did that all on your own. If you want to fix your problem go to the doctor find out if something is wrong and ya know a diet and exercise can’t hurt. Would probably help.

    1. Lulu says:

      Sorry, but it IS the government’s fault that people are fat. Research glutamate and obesity. Then resaerch glutamate additives and the refusal by the FDA and the USDA to ban ( or even regulate) them. Glutamate, when injected in mice makes them instantly gain weight. Glutamate used in feed lot diets case rapid weight gain. Glutamate used in onesity studies rapidly fattens rats. And yes, glutamate added to virtually every food you eat – whether it is processed, or just meat that comes from cows that have been fed little else for the last few weeks of their life, causes obesity in humans. Go to the NCBI website and read studies on obesity. Then research the scientists who tried to stop the FDA fro approving this neurotoxin – oh, yeah, it also causes eveyr kind of neurological disorder there is. That is why everything from autism to alzheimers has dramatically increased since 1948 when Ajinimoto began dumping it into our food source. Ajinimoto – the comany that the FDA and USDA contracted to study the safety of their own product! Then research Micheal Taylor, the head of the FDA and former CEO of Monsanto. Yup. Your government – and the agencies we pay our taxes to protect us, have sold us down a river and think it’s okay, because we’re all now fat enough to float. Stop making uninformed posts that are based on your own prejudices, and start educating yourself on what is really going on with the American and British diet ( and most other countries too). Because if you;re not fat now, you will be, and likely have dementia as well. If you don’t suffer from any of these things, It is likely because you are a healthy male in your prime – the one demographic that has fair protection against the ravages of this neurotoxin. Glutamate attacks the developing brain, the aging brain and anyone with an auto-immune disorder. That’s the majority of people. And yor time will come, unless you get hit by a bus first. .

      1. Marci says:

        No. I’m fat because I ate the hamburger. The government didn’t open my mouth and put it in there. And I’m not even going to touch the Alzheimer’s/Autism thing with a 10 foot pole, but I would suggest you do a little more research on them before you include them in your arguments.

        1. Lulu says:

          Well, I can tell YOU haven’t researched this at all.

          Glutamate creates food cravings. so yeah, your government made you open your pie hole and shove that hammburger in it.

          Here are some studies on glutamate and neurological disorders. This time, read some before replying.

          This group is the most importantone ( these are for ALS) because they provided the initial clue, and continue to help scientists understand the role glutamate plays in neurological damage:




          Atrial fibrillation is a big one, because of how it afects magnesium, which is necessary for a healthy rthym:

          Glutamate is an amino acid that occurs naturally in foods like meat and mushrooms, In smallamouts and in concert with other amino acids, it improives memory. But, amino acids are like letters of the alphabet. There are 20 known ones ( and it’s suspected there are a handful more – about the same number as the English alphabet). Imagine all the combinations of words you can make from the alphabet. Some good some bad and some neutral. The same is true of amino acids. And our food industry is doing a LOT of playing these days – with the sole purpose of getting us to buy more of their food. They don’t care what else those combinations do.

          When you toss opinions around without knowing anything about the subject, you do nothing but harm. Educate yourself and help the movement against this practise build until we can stop it.

          1. Marci says:

            I’m wondering if you even read the articles before posting them for me to read. There was no evidence of glutamate causing or even attributing to either autism or alzheimer’. In fact, the third alzheimer’s paper talks about using a glutamate antagonist in the treatment of alzheimer’s disease. The only mention of glutamate for autism was dealing with the neurotransmitter receptor, as Yvette pointed out.
            That being said, I still don’t believe that it is the governments fault. If I was a smoker, could I blame the government for my lung cancer because they didn’t ban cigarettes? No, even though they are addicting, it is still my choice to use them. Same with food, even if I have more cravings it is still my responsibility to moderate my food choices, portion sizes, and the amount of exercise I do.

        2. Paulette Chretien says:

          MSG has been PROVEN to cause compulsive consumption of 30% more calories than the animal/organism wants. In China studies were done wherein anorexic elderly and children were force-fed MSG through tubes in their noses. All consumed 30% more food, which they had systematically rejected prior. The data was valid across both age groups. Both groups saw immediate and verifiable weight GAIN.

          1. Lulu says:

            Marci, I didn;t see where Paulette was speaking as a scientist. She was merely relating that studies in China show MSG causes compulsive consumption.

            You want proof? I gave you proof. Go order feed for cattle headed for slaughter, and see what it is loaded with. Go look up what rats and mice are fed before obesity studies. Glutamate, in both cases. If that doesn’t prove it for you, what would? I find it ironic that you, who have repeatedly spoken before even thinking, are judging someone on how scientific their behavior is. Did you nother to look up the studies she referred to? I plan to, because I hadn’t heard about it before, and I’m curious. Aren’t you ever curious?

            As for your comments about links I sent, I think I made it pretty clear that this is where you go to read studies, and there are a LOT of them. I never said they all had the same finding, but if you bother to actually READ them, you will be shocked to find how many do cite glutamate as a factor, and increasingly, a cause in the condition being studied.

            And once again, the proof is in the pudding. If you are so sure that glutamate is a CURE, then explain why glutamate-blockers are now being used for all these conditions?

            FACT: Glutamate is used by cattle farmers, by scientists and by doctors to FATTEN.

            FACT: Glutamate is a widely accepted appetite stimulant.

            FACT: Glutamate-blockers are now used to treat people who have a wide number of illnesses, including now, obesity.

            FACT: subjects who did obesity studies and took a glutamate blocking obesity drug, lost 5% of their weight. When they went off the glutamate blocker, they immediately gained back that weight. The purpose of the drug was to curb binge eating. It completely succeeded within an astounding 24 hours. Too bad that binging immediately returned when the drug was stopped, because the glutamate additives are still in nearly all the foods we eat.

            I’m curious what your vested interest in disputing these things, without actually studying them or knowing anything about them? A skeptic seeks facts, but you’re not doing that. You’re just trying to discredit.

          2. Marci says:

            Then I guess there’s no arguing with you. I read through many of the articles from all of the links you sent and I found no evidence of the claims you’re making. You didn’t provide me with evidence, you gave me a google search for me to filter through. You can go on blaming others or you can take responsibility for yourself. I shall choose the latter.

            Also, Paulette was citing a study but she should know nothing is every “proven” in science, ever. So by claiming that her information was proven, it lost all credibility before I even read the rest of it. I’m not even going to get into the ethics of “force fed” and whether her study even has credibility.

          3. Marci says:

            I do have an interest. I am completing my degree in cognition and neuroscience doing aging and alzheimer’s research, one of my mentors does research in autism as well. I don’t like when people try to use their education as credibility, so that’s why I never mentioned it before because it can come off as snooty. During my years of research with alzheimer’s I have never come upon a credible source of any kind that has mentioned glutamate, so yes I am trying to discredit you. I use pubmed on a regular basis and I really did read through the links you sent me but I really could not find anything that remotely supported your claims.
            I’ll just let you know that I don’t plan on discussing this with you anymore. I know where I stand on the diseases within my field and you’re obviously invested in your arguments as well. I just wanted anyone reading the comments to hear a different opinion because thats how problems like “immunizations cause autism” start.

      2. Lulu says:

        Don’t take my word for it: here are 599 studies on your own government’s website http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=glutamate%20obesity

        The new obesity drug that;s all over the news this week? It’s part of a new class of drugs called glutamate blockers. They’re all the rage for neurological disorders. The only problem is when you stop taking the drug you go right back to craving food and having the same disorders, because you’ve stopped blocking the glutamate. And good luck finding it in ingredient labels, It’s usually hidden under a name like hydrolyzed protein, or natural flavoring. Don’t be fooled by big lables that say NO MSG either. That only means there is no sodium combined with the glutamate. The glutamate is still there, and still doing harm. There is an entire industry, devoted to ‘cleansing’ labels.

        Energy drinks and snack foods that are extra spicy or have hyped up flavors have huge amounts of glutamate in them. And, glutamate is all the trendy umami taste is.It’s used in medicines, vaccines and pesticides. Even if you try to avoid it you can’t. B12 and vitamin C help combat it though.

        MSGtruth.org and truthinlabeling.com have more information. They were started by scientists who worked for the FDA and fought the approval of glutamate and aspartame.

        1. Lulu says:

          I know it is a neurotransmitter, but it is also a neurotoxin. And I know ( and said) it is one of 20, known ones, but it is believed there are more we have yet to identify. I also know they’re important for nutrition, but that they are used in wild amounts in industry and at our expense.

          Do you not trust the NCBI website, or did you not bother to go check my links before you sent me the high school science lesson? It’s a US government site – part of the National Institute of Health. If you don’t know how to read scientific studies, it has tutorials.

          below my comments here, I pasted a section from the link you sent, and note that the headline is is “controlling transmitter glutamate”. that is right, because if you DON’T control it, is when it becomes dangerous, and destroys the brain instead of making it healthy. Those complex causes for brain damage it mentions are called glutamate toxicity. Google that. Or read the studies I sent – there are thousands of them, and a great number use that term – glutamate toxicity. Google neurotoxin. No, I know you won’t, so here is the first paragraph of the wikopedia when you google “neruotoxi” for those of you who prefer to have your facts predigested. The rest of you can do your own research:

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Neurotoxins can be found in a number of organisms, including some strains of cyanobacteria,[1] which can be found in algal blooms or washed up on the shore in a green scum[2]
          Neurotoxin is derived from the Greek νευρών (nevron / neuron) meaning “nerve” (derived from neuro: “cord”)[3] and Latin toxicum meaning “poison” (derived from Greek τοξικόν φάρμακον toxikon pharmakon, meaning “arrow poison”[4]). They are an extensive class of exogenous chemical neurological insults[5] which can adversely affect function in both developing and mature nervous tissue.[6] The term can also be used to classify endogenous compounds which when abnormally concentrated can prove neurologically toxic.[5] Though neurotoxins are often neurologically destructive, their ability to specifically target neural components is important in the study of nervous systems.[7] Common examples of neurotoxins include lead,[8] ethanol,[9] glutamate,[10] nitric oxide (NO),[11] botulinum toxin,[12] tetanus toxin,[13] and tetrodotoxin.[7]

          And here is some of the text from your own link:


          1. Disorders afflicting the nervous system account for more hospitalizations, more long-term care, and more chronic suffering than nearly all other disorders combined (Cowan and Kandel, 2001). The emotional and economic losses are enormous.

          2. Effective treatment is mostly unavailable, and prevention is difficult due to insufficient understanding of the causes.

          3. When brain tissue is diseased, complex processes start and nerve cells often continue to die after the initiating stimulus has stopped.

          4. Among the most exciting mechanisms are those controlling extracellular glutamate. Evidence suggests they play key roles in the disease processes ultimately leading to the nerve cell damage, disabilities and suffering (for review see: Danbolt, 2001).

          Challenge: The mechanisms controlling glutamate are hard to study because glutamate is involved in so many different and interconnected processes. Glutamate mediates most of the excitatory (stimulating, activating) signals in the central nervous system. This does not only include signals involved in perception, cognition and movements, but also for cell survival, elimination, migration and differentiation, as well as for synapse formation and elimination. Further, glutamate affects brain energy consumption, free radical formation, cell volume and water transport. Whenever brain tissue is studied, it changes.

          As I said before, don’t take my word for it – study this.

          1. Lulu says:

            Correction, I meant one of 20 known amino acids, not known neurotoxins, as my wording may imply.

            Folks, I know what I said is hard to comprehend, because I had to comprehend it myself. But the more I’ve studied, the more I’ve found, and the more shocking the news has been. I’ve been studying this for 2 years, because of my own familial atrial fibrillation. my research evolved far beyond arrythmia as I began to see just how extensive this is. This is how I learned what I know:

            I began my research on the advice of a caring and wise nurse, because my EKG’s were frightening my GP and my electrophysiologist (one of the top in the country) had no answers. I first googled all the known causes of arrythmia. Only one of them really fit my case, and it was not something that was well understood. It is believed that there are genes that block magnesium absorption. IMy electrophysiologist has no interest in this theory – or indeed, in nutrion at all, though he acknowledged that magnesium affects hert rates.

            I then googled arrythmia and magnesium together. The one word that consistently came up when I did that, was glutamate. So I began googling glutamate and magnesium. And, I also had micronutrient testing done on myself and my two children. The resutls were shocking. Although we are all healthy eaters, we were all severely deficient in minerals. I was so deficient that the lab asked to redo the tests – and then redid them again.

            I am not a scientist, but my parents were, and I was raised to be skeptical, and also to be methodical about inquiries and pursue hard facts. So I did that, rather than spending time reading subjective sources. What I have shared did not come from wikopedia or politically driven websites. It came from the most reliable sources I could find.

            I began targeting glutamate specifically at this point, and at the same time, I started contacting relatives and asking about their health histories. I learned about the role of ALS ( Lou Gerhig’s) in the study of glutamate as a cause of illness the same week I learned one of my first cousins died of ALS. The rest of us have remarkably similar patterns of health that begin with childhood migraines. But that one case of ALS, which just a few short years ago was extremely rare, really caught my attention, because it had been popping up in one after another piece of information I was collecting.

            I signed up for the newsletters that cater to the food industry, and studied the hisotry of Ajinimoto, the company that invented MSG and is still the world’s largest producer of glutamate products. I learned from their own industry newsletter, they are under contract with the USDA and FDA to study the safety of their own product. At that point, I knew this glutamate problem began with government and began studying the political players in this travesty. Donald Rumsfeld and Micheal Taylor in particular. Google their names with glutamate or aspartame, to see what I found.

            My next thought – so if food safety studies are not reliable, because they are entrusted to the manufacturers who make and profit from them. than what about medical studies on the resulting illnesses? Why aren’t those who do that kind of study reporting this and demanding regulation? Well, it is because those studies are done by another industry – the pharmaceutical industry, which also stands to profit at the expense of their customers. And then I reealised they never DO demand change, do they? They do thousands of studies every year, but how many EVER result in products being banned? Almost none. They may say they discovered cigarettes will kill, so don’t smoke them, but they don’t call for a ban – not even of some of the substances in them. Instead, they invent treatments for the resulting diseases,

            I joked to people then that the next family of drugs would likey be glutamate-blockers, and then less than a year later, it WAS. The first one targeted ALS and proved to be the only drug EVER found to treat that disorder. Glutamate blockers are now either used or being tested on just about every condition you ever heard of, but especially neurological ones and now – obesity.

            It was after reading that glutamate is what is used to fatten rats for obesity studies, that I began looking into the obesity link. I was ready for a break from reading medical studies. So I started shopping for animal feed. Hey, you want an effective, easy diet? Go shop for cattle feed for feed lots and read the ingredient list. Then don’t eat anything on that list, because it is designed to do one thing: FATTEN calves for slaughter. Oh, and don’t eat those fattened calves either, because what calves eat settles into the muscle, and it is the muscle we then eat – and it is loaded with their last several meals. Which you then eat. I don’t know if we’re getting glutamate that way ourselves ( no one seems to be studying that, so we don’t know) but if we do, we’re getting truly enormous doses of glutamate every time we stick that hamburger in our mouth. And it is glutamate that was designed to cause weight gain.

            Seriously, research all this stuff, and then decide what you think of it all. Dismissing it without even educating yourself could kill you.

  2. Sensi says:

    Our food is full of chemicals, hormones and GMO foods are untested and horrible for us. Read “Good Calorie, Bad Calorie” by Gary Taubes. So our governments answer to the obesity crisis is to lower the definition of obesity to make it less of a crisis? How about they ban GMO foods and put regulations on sugar and HFCS usage? How about they tell us the truth about what’s healthy for us and drop the low-fat myth they’ve been perpetuating for the past 50+ years? Processed flour, sugar, wheat and processed foods are whats making the US fat. Those McDonalds hamburgers, while unhealthy because of the chemicals and crap in them aren’t making us fat. Bread, sugar, HFCS, and pasta are making America fat.

  3. Andrew says:

    i don’t think anybody who posted a serious comment on this post should be allowed to live anymore…

    …i know it’s harsh, but drastic measures need to be taken to lower the birth rate of stupid.

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