The immeasurable love of George Carlin

By Abraham Piper


A relatively unknown side of comedian George Carlin is revealed in the new book, The George Carlin Letters: The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade—his romantic side.

The year after his wife of over 35 years died, Carlin married Sally Wade. During this marriage—the last 10 years of his life—he penned thousands of notes, poems, and drawings for her.

Here is an example (with a transcription afterward).


If you took THE NUMBER OF SUB-ATOMIC PARTICLES IN THE UNIVERSE and multiplied that number times itself THAT MANY TIMES; and then added the total number of MICRO-SECONDS since the beginning of time, times itself; and then added 803—you would STILL have only the tiniest fraction of A BILLION-BILLIONTH PER CENT of the amount of love I HAVE FOR YOU.


your candle partner,
the romantic Mr Carlin,
your eternal flame.


(via Letters of Note)