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The incredible process of handcrafting a prosthetic eye [9 pictures]

By Molly

You’d never know from just looking at him, but Redditor ManiacalZManiac wears this prosthetic eye

prosthetic eye - 04

He lost sight in one eye when he was 12 while he and his friends were hitting rocks and other debris into a nearby field. A piece of metal went sideways instead of straight and sliced his eye.

Recently, he went in to get a new prosthesis since he’d been wearing the same one for five years and protein buildup in the eye causes prosthetics to fade. Here’s his old prosthesis beside his new one for comparison…

prosthetic eye - 06

Using the old one, his ocularist got the shape of his eye’s surface.

prosthetic eye - 01

She then used acrylic paint to match the color…

Prosthetic Eye - 09

prosthetic eye - 03

prosthetic eye - 02

Finally, the ocularist applied frayed red threads to simulate veins in the eyeball and added a symbol to mark which way is up. (He decided his should be a Triforce — you Zelda fans will appreciate.)

prosthetic eye - 05

And this is what it looks like in the eye. (Sorry if you’re squeamish, but it’s pretty amazing!)

prosthetic eye - 08

And here’s the final result. You can hardly tell…

prosthetic eye - 07


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