Can You Spot "Pierogi" the Hidden Cat in These Photos? | 22Words

Only a Real Eagle-Eye Can Spot the Cat Hidden in These Photos

By Robin Zlotnick

Cats are stealthy ninja pets who can make themselves all but disappear by hiding in the teeny tiniest corners of your life. If they get spooked by something or if they just don't like you very much, they can be impossible to find.

When writer and comedian Grace Spelman moved to a new apartment in New York back in October, her cat, adorably named Pierogi, started hiding in any nook or cranny she could find. Grace began taking pictures of all the hidden Pierogi tableaus and sharing them with her fans on Twitter. Searching for Pierogi in Spelman's photos has become one of the greatest games on the Internet.

Can you spot Pierogi in all these tricky photos? We swear she's there!


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