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The most American grill ever can cook 100 hotdogs and includes (of course) a Mount Rushmore replica

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There are few activities more American than a summer cookout, and the two most important pieces of a cookout are a grill and a piece of meat to cook on it. You’ve already bypassed the nasty “what’s in those?!” hot dogs for something that actually tastes like meat, but what about your grill?

In promotion of their new premium hot dog, Ball Park teamed up with Destination America and Discovery to create what just might be the best grill known to man…or known to American man, anyway.


First of all, everything about this work of art screams “America!” starting with the table, featuring George Washington…on a bald eagle…carrying a hotdog…



While the eight people seated at the table are waiting, you’ll be cooking a feast for everyone on the beach with 1600 square inches of cooking space on the double grill. With seven burners going strong at 114,000 BTUs, you can grill around 100 hot dogs at once without a care in the world…


Since those hot dogs will need a few minutes on the grill, you can pour yourself a cold one from one of several kegs available on tap…


You probably need some music to keep everyone going, but there’s no need to settle with your phone’s lousy speaker. This barbecue trailer has a Bluetooth wireless sound system, offering a 1600-watt sound system for your listening pleasure…


Once your hot dogs are done, you’ll need to decorate them with some condiments. Fortunately, you’ve got a condiment station built right, with — of course — America’s favorite presidents from Mount Rushmore overseeing everything…


If you just can’t get enough of this grill, be sure to check out the web series covering the making of the grill by Ball Park, Patrick Norton, and Discovery. You’ll get a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at how the folks at TechShop brought this amazing barbecue trailer to life.

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