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The nuts and bolts of nuts and bolts (and screws and washers)

Feb 25, 2011 By Abraham

Fastener Categories

Head Styles

Drive Types

Nut Types

Washer Types

(via Bolt Depot)


    1. Ben says:

      Just because we live in a Phillips dominated society doesn’t give you the right to discriminate like this. If a Phillips drive and slotted drive want to come together, who are we to judge? Is their love any less real because of the number of slots in their drive head? I say no!

      Shame on you, sir. Shame.

      Drive bigotry exists first in the mind, which is why we must continue to educate and raise awareness like this blog is doing.

      Fight on, Piper. Fight on.

  1. jimbob says:

    With a copy of this amazing chart, you will no longer have to be apprehensive about going to the hardware store. (can you imagine going to Lowes to get A screw?) (didn’t mean that like it sounded). Commit this chart to memory – there will be a quiz on Monday.

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