The old Metrodome trough urinals are up for auction — great for beer and cow feed [5 pics]

By Abraham Piper


If you ever used the mens room at the Metrodome in Minneapolis during the stadium’s 31-year tenure, you probably remember the urinals — The long, metal troughs that fit as many men as were willing to squeeze in shoulder-to-shoulder during the 7th inning stretch…

Metrodome Urinals

What they lacked in the provision of personal space they made up for in efficiency. I mean, with normal urinals that are spaced at comfortable intervals, more than 50% of the wall isn’t available to pee on. That’s just poor planning, right there.

But now, alas, the Metrodome is no more. So what’s become of the celebrated toilets?

They’re lying in a clearing in Savage, MN waiting to be hauled away by the highest bidder. That’s right, for the next day, you have a chance to pick up one of your very own Metrodome pee-troughs.

Why, you ask?


Since your imagination is failing you as to how you might obviously put these beauties to use, the auction house has a couple suggestions…

Work great for livestock feeders or beverage coolers.

There you have it. Now go buy a urinal so you can host a party for your cows and beer buddies.

Metrodome Urinals - 01

Metrodome Urinals - 04

Metrodome Urinals - 02

Metrodome Urinals - 05

Metrodome Urinals - 03

(via Ziegler)