The Real-Life Ghost Story of 'Dear David' Will Haunt Your Dreams FOREVER | 22 Words

The Real-Life Ghost Story of ‘Dear David’ Will Haunt Your Dreams FOREVER

By Robin Zlotnick

These are the kinds of times when it would be really good if the Ghostbusters were real.

BuzzFeed staffer Adam Ellis is being haunted by the ghost of a dead child named Dear David and the story will make you pee your pants.

This is legit, people. Ellis wrote on BuzzFeed, "For the past couple months I've been dealing with a ghost. It's gotten bad enough that I fear for my safety, so I decided to write everything down in a Twitter thread, in case I go missing. I've added some images for dramatic effect, but everything here is 100% real."

Yeah. Real and TERRIFYING. The whole spooky story is below.


- The story continues 1/5-