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The result of two cop cars chasing a coke-addled driver around in a corn field

Apr 11, 2011 By Abraham

(via The Internet Today)


  1. kendra says:

    Reminds me of when my Grandma was driving around a field chasing an escaped ostrich (which can run 40-50 mph by the way, and turn on a dime) in the Great Ostrich Chase of ’93, in her Lincoln town car, with me and my brothers in the back seat. True story. It was fantastic.

      1. Roger says:

        Not to be too picky, but actually we had both. Digital cameras were really expensive, and the web was this new-fanlged use of the net that was ruining Usenet. (Ah, Usenet, how we miss thee.)

        1. Goober says:

          Um, Usenet is still there.

          The web was BARELY attainable by the general public in 93… it was there however.

    1. Anubis says:

      I hope that after you caught the fleeing ostrich, you sat down with your grandmother and explained the dangers of cocaine abuse, and a few of the ways in which it can impair, or at least alter significantly, judgment.

      Best wishes to you and your party-hard grandmother. May the good times never end!

        1. Tesa says:

          Rofl, whether or not the grandmother was on cocaine or not isn’t the point.
          It was simple humor that connected the comment to the post.

    2. Kay says:

      We had better than the all powerfull WWW, we had imagination, memories, story telling skills and grandma’s face forever etched in our minds. Now, you just download & forget it. How long until the freaked out birdie was reunited with it’s pen? Too funny. Thank you for sharing

    3. Bob says:

      Did that ostrich run down the interstate somewhere between St Louis and Indianapolis? I was driving back to college sometime in the early 90’s fighting sleep. Suddenly there was an ostrich running down the grass strip between the East and West bound lanes! I wasn’t sleepy any more. Always wondered how they caught it.

    1. Jason Cruikshank says:

      I know! Nobody ever thinks about how that must affect the farmer. I guess I do because I’m playing Harvest Moon, lol

  2. Tim says:

    To the person that was wondering about the farmer getting the money reimbursed for the ruined crops. Depending on where in the world this is, if it was in the United States for example (and I’m sure many other places around the world), the farmer most likely had crop insurance. So, most likely he would get the money for the damage.

    1. George says:

      as a farmer let me tell you that crop insurance does not cover coke addled drivers and idiot police officers spinning cookies in his field. He probably forgot to check that box on the forms.

    2. Jerry Stauffer says:

      Good crop insurance might have covered his seed and planting expenses, but he would still lose, or at least not make, money on the field for the year.

  3. Ken says:

    Looks like one of the chase scenes from The Hunter, the 1980 film staring Steve McQueen portraying real-life bounty hunter Ralph “Papa” Thorson.
    McQueen’s last film before his death.

    1. emma says:

      i get why youre suspicious, i think youre looking at it the wrong way to get why theres one entrance and one exit. i think the coke-addled driver entered on the right of the field from the buildings, seeking an exit but realizing that there was a fence at the back of the field with no gap, frantically drove around the field thinking of an exit and then burst through the hedges at the bottom to the road in desperation only to have the cops bump the car in a circle to force a crash on the road to apprehend the guy. thats the way i see it anyway.

      when you think of the bottom as the entrance the tracks just dont make sense, but in reverse they do [=

  4. Brian O'Shea says:

    the end of the story involves two jealous police officers and one farmer with more than a car at the end of his pitchfork

    1. KSF says:

      What the US calls “corn” is called “maize” in Europe; what the US calls “wheat” is called “corn” in Europe.

  5. Ali says:

    My friend once was arrested for driving through a corn field, and he payed a whole lotta money to that farmer. so don’t worry guys i’m sure he got money for the damaged crops. :)

  6. Seth says:

    This is one reason why I sure do love cocaine. It is a great drug if one can understand that the occasional use will cause no harm and no addiction.

  7. Mark Jr. says:


    ^none of that is serious^

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